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If you’re looking for a fast retreat to celebrate and relax after two months of hard work, but don’t want to commit to a costly staycation, a beauty session is just what you need.

We have rounded up 9 heavily discounted (some of them are more then 50% off!) services for you this month, and there’s one for everyone: manicures and pedicures, customisable facials, full body massages and even lash lifts!

Upgrade your self-care game with these beauty treatments that will prep you for March.

Full body massage at more than 80% off

Spaciotcm 60minutedeeptissuefullbodymassagewithcomplimentaryguashafor1person1session 2019 12 23 02 20 22 1

Sitting at your desk hours at a time could take a serious toll on your back. Unwind and untwist those knots with Spacio TCM’s 60-minute deep tissue full body massage and a complimentary 10-minute Gua Sha treatment that improves blood flow, and feel your stress dissipate together with the body aches.

Book your session at Salon Finder at SGD40.66 (U.P. SGD327.42), more than 80% off!

Lash extension and mani-pedi session at just SGD140

Yogabeautypalace Singlelashbylasheyelashextensionsgelmanicuregelpedicure 2018 10 12 03 52 25 2 2

If you’re in dire need for maximum pampering, or just want to treat yourself, why not try Yoga Beauty Palace’s eyelash extension, gel manicure and pedicure package? All you have to do is to lie back and relax while trained professionals lengthen and volumise your lashes, shape your nails and polish them to perfection!

Available here at SGD140 for a 2.5-hour session that will make you feel like a whole new person.

Sugaring hair removal at just SGD28

Theorganicroom Underarmssugaring 2020 01 23 04 53 43

Generating quite a buzz a few years ago, “sugaring” is the recently popularised practice of using natural ingredients like sugar and lemon to remove unwanted hair, as a more delightful and cool alternative to the regular waxing. Plus, it is also known to be way less painful than waxing, and it gently exfoliates the skin to reveal brighter skin as well! Give your razor a rest and try out this delicious-sounding treatment for smooth and hairless underarms.

Book a session here at SGD28.

Deals for Korean hair services

General Hair 2 1

Bored of your hair and want a switch up? Be it curls or a colour change, Korean beauty salon Jin Jin Hair & Beauty has it all covered. With more than 20 varieties of hair service deals on our website, choose from an anti-frizz treatment, creative colours, a Korean perm, a hair cut and more at more wallet-friendly prices.

Browse through their extensive range of hair pampering services on Salon Finder. Prices of the treatments may vary for different hair lengths.

Quick, affordable facial that delivers results

Faceshowerbar Citylinkmall 2018 09 26 09 19 51 4

[Temporarily closed until further notice]
Can’t find the time for a full-length facial because of your tightly packed schedule? With Singapore’s first “dry bar” for facials, you can now take a 45-minute pit stop at Citylink’s Face Shower Bar for quick and refreshing maintenance sessions to keep your skin in tip-top shape on the regular! Offering services such as their varied Hydra Cleanse facials for different skin types (acne-prone, dry, or sensitive), they pair their facials with complementary masks like the detoxifying Charcoal mask, or the nourishing Dead Sea mask so you receive full pampering with no time wasted.

[Temporarily closed until further notice]

Lash lift at just SGD40

Perkylash Collagenlashlift 2019 05 17 09 08 43 1 2

If dramatic, full lashes that lash extensions provide aren’t your thing and you like the au naturale look, try Perky Lash’s Collagen Lash Lift that will curl your lashes and fortify them with collagen so you’ll already have natural-looking, strong and curly lashes the moment you wake up. Don’t extra sleep and on fleek lashes sound like a dream to you?

Book a Collagen Lash Lift session at SGD40 here.

Skin rejuvenation facial at SGD39

Astalift 30minuteacceleratedskinrejuvenationtreatmentwithcombinedcooltipdynamicpulselightdplrapidpulsetechnologyrptcomputeriseskindiagnosis 2020 02 06 02 28 24

Hit the refresh button on tired and dull skin with Astalift’s Skin Rejuvenation Treatment, that consists of fancy processes such as professional skin analysis, the use of light and heat energy to accelerate collagen production for increased skin elasticity, as well as a complimentary mini treatment (eye treatment, scalp massage, or cryotherapy) of your choice!

Available at just SGD39 for first-timers here.

Ear candling and lymphatic massage at SGD12

Skinretreat Earcandlingdetoxlymphaticdrainagemassage 2018 09 12 04 14 13 1

Decrease your chances of falling ill with Skin Retreat’s Ear Candling Detox & Lymphatic Massage. The relaxing ear candling clears your ears, while the lymphatic massage drains your lymph nodes to improve health and general well-being. Think of it as a sized-down, express spa session that you can relax in after a long day’s worth of work.

Book your treatment here at SGD12 for a 30-minute session.