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We are soon reaching the halfway mark of 2019, which means it’s time for a break! Take the time to refocus on your health, and fix any persistent problems that you have been ignoring for the past few months.

Putting yourself first doesn’t necessarily have to mean spending a bomb – find out what are the best salon treatments you can treat yourself to without burning a hole in your wallet!

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For your face

Get a glow-up


Feel that your skin has been looking duller these days? It’s time to put the glow back in your face with an Illuminating Glow Facial at Renaza.

The facial utilises a medical-grade LED device and Gentle Multi Derma Peel to build collagen and elastin in your skin, improve blood circulation, as well as encourage skin cell regeneration. You can also look forward to lightened pigmentation, more balanced skin tone, and fewer fine lines on your face.

Luckily for us, healthy and young skin doesn’t necessarily have to come at an exorbitant price: all it takes is S$58, which is 76.8% off the original price of S$250. Take your first step to radiant skin here.

For your lashes & brows

Save time spent on applying falsies

We know the struggle of putting on fake eyelashes in the morning – it can be time-consuming, laborious, and extremely frustrating.

For those who want to save time and get a few extra winks before heading to work, yet cannot compromise on beautiful eyelashes, a lash extension is exactly what you need. Get the Gorgeous Unlimited Single Lash service at Perky Lash, where they use an unlimited number of lashes and apply it one by one on your natural eyelashes.

This deal is yours at 23% off the usual price here.

Achieve perfect brows

Salon Finder Deals Jun 2019 Beaute Encounter

Drawing perfectly balanced, arched brows is a real challenge that not every one of us can pull off, but that’s perfectly okay. You can still sport beautiful eyebrows effortlessly at Beaute Encounter when you sign up for the Misty Eyebrow Embroidery service.

This brow embroidery service is highly raved by beauty enthusiasts for the satisfactory results, professional service, and the ease of mind that all instruments used are clean and sanitized.

Don’t miss your chance to get Instagram brows – click here to redeem this!

For your hair

Reverse the signs of ageing

Salon Finder Deals Jun 2019 Topp Care

Source: Aggy Low

Thinning, greying hair is a common sign of aging and possible health problems. If you have been frustrated by this for a long time, now is the time for you to take action.

Signature Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment by Topp Care Hair Solutions promises to counteract age-related hair changes and nourish your scalp to prevent hair loss. After a thorough analysis, various masques will be applied to hydrate, energise, and stimulate your scalp. The treatment ends with a hair wash and styling, so you can head out for your next appointment without needing any down time.

Redeem this deal at just S$89 here.

Give it a fresh coat of colour

Salon Finder Deals Jun 2019 Trichomed

If you dyed (or re-dyed) your hair around the New Year period, chances are that your original colour is already showing on your new roots. You could just touch up your roots, or seize this opportunity to get a totally different colour for the ‘new year, new me’ spirit all over again.

Choose from various colours and get a complimentary hair scan when you opt for a hair colour treatment at TrichoMed. The professional hair stylists will advise on a hair colour that suits your facial features and skin tone, so you don’t have to fret about the colour to dye.

A 30% discount is surely enough reason for you to make a booking on our Salon Finder now.

For your body

Relax from head to toe

Salon Finder Deals Jun 2019 Precious Foot Reflexology

Just came back from a tiring vacation and need something for your sore feet?

Make sure you enjoy a Foot Reflexology + Back & Shoulder Massage session at Precious Foot Reflexology & Massage before you head back to the daily grind. You will definitely feel refreshed and all ready for the challenges in the year ahead.

The best part? It will only set you back by S$68 when you redeem this deal.

Enjoy a Japanese spa experience with your partner

Salon Finder Deals Jun 2019 Elements Wellness

It’s vacation season, and everybody seems to be in Japan. Even if you can’t squeeze in a trip to Japan, you still can take two hours off to soak in a Japanese onsen.

Bring your partner along to Elements Wellness for a Koyamaki Onsen Therapy session – you get a private room for just the both of you. After enjoying the health benefits from the onsen, you can relish in a combination of 15-minute Back Polish and 60-minute Ocha Body Massage.

You don’t even have to leave Singapore to enjoy this treat: just book it here for S$218 (instead of S$993), then head on down to Orchard!

For your nails

Be rewarded for treating yourself

Salon Finder Deals Jun 2019 Avone Beauty Secrets

Treating yourself well is a reward in itself, but it gets even better when you are given extra rewards for doing so!

When you do a Classic Gelish Manicure & Classic Gelish Pedicure at Avone Beauty Secrets, you not only get beautiful nails, a foot soak, and callus removal, but also a free S$50 voucher – sweet!

Book the rewards you deserve here on Salon Finder.

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