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As far as our beauty routines are concerned, most of us spend 90% of our time and money on skincare and makeup. There are other types of products and services that can enhance your overall appearance and here are the ones we recommend.

1. Look forward to brighter-looking eyes

Eye makeup and concealer can certainly help your eye contours look more radiant and youthful, but to help your eyes look brighter, consider contact lenses that help to enhance the look of your irises.


Try: 1 Day Acuvue Define with Lacreon (1 box for SGD64, 4 boxes for SGD238, with 30 lenses in each box). These are comfortable dailies that offer UV protection. Featuring features that ensure eye health by preventing colourants from coming into contact with the eyes, these lenses have unique iris-inspired designs that accentuate the appearance of irises in a natural-looking way. It comes in three designs for different looks. 

2. Flaunt your pearly whites

Stained teeth is a common problem faced by those who consume coffee regularly to help keep awake. A set of beautiful teeth is important to leaving a good first impression – everyone loves a nice smile! Unfortunately, while wearing the right makeup can give the illusion of slightly whiter teeth, it can never help teeth look whiter by a few shades. If usual brushing can’t seem to get rid of the stains on your teeth, a home whitening kit may be what you need.

iwhite whitening kit

Try: iWhite Instant Whitening Kit (SGD49.90). These are easy to use and promise to give you whiter teeth simply by using it for five consecutive days. Each kit comes with 10 prefilled, thin and flexible tray for you to fit onto your teeth so that the gel in the tray is in contact with the teeth’s surface. Leave the tray on for 20 minutes, then discard it, rinse your teeth and gum to remove all residues and you’re done.

3. Healthier scalp for better hair

We typically don’t have any other treatment and care for our scalp beyond shampoo. Healthy scalp is an important part to having more luscious-looking and stronger hair. Because it’s impossible for us to diagnose our scalp condition and the care that it therefore needs, leave it to the professionals.


Try: An appointment at TrichoKare. With its team of trichologists and a customised treatment programme consisting of European herbal hair remedy, TrichoKare has a comprehensive system that is designed to regulate scalp, strengthen and densify hair. Our writer Tiara went for an appointment with them and shared her amazing experience.

4. Achieve lush lashes

Mascara can only do that much wonders for sparse lashes. If you want lashes that look denser, longer and fuller, invest in an eyelash treatment to enhance their appearance.

xlash eyelash serum

Try: Xlash Eyelash Serum (SGD88.90 for 3ml and SGD132.90 for 6ml). This eyelash treatment is formulated with natural ingredients that are chosen because they are safer, but still as effective to help lashes grow out looking fuller than before. They are currently available on sale direct from xlash.com.sg and selected beauty, nail and hair salons.

5. Fuller brows now

Don’t forget your brows – full brows are an important feature as far as today’s makeup trends is concerned. We know how much time is required to fill in a perfect set of brows, so do yourself a favour and get them to grow fuller with the help of brow serums.

Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced

Try: Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced (USD38). Fortified with peptides, botanical extracts and vitamins that are known to strengthen brow hair, this serum helps give you fuller and more youthful-looking brows that are less prone to breakage.