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By Keith Toh

Biotherm Homme Boutique Interactive Bar

When it comes to skincare products, men will now have more options as Biotherm recently launched their first-ever flagship men boutique in the world, Biotherm Homme, at ION Orchard, #B3-47.

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Why Biotherm Homme is really made for us guys

Biotherm Homme Singapore4

Unlike other skincare brands that are mainly targeting the ladies to buy for us skincare products, Biotherm Homme believes we are becoming more sophisticated and are more conscious about maintaining our skin’s condition to make such a decision.

And because of their beliefs, a focus group was done with men to ensure Biotherm Homme is done the way men prefer it to be. Let me share with you more as you read on. *Girls, this is the time to tell your men to read on why they should visit Biotherm Homme*

1. Because we like to visualise and kiss

There are no confusing and complicated beauty jargon. Products are colour-coded based on your concerns and categorised in a KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) manner by the routines, i.e. Cleanse, Tone and Treat. This helps us to differentiate the products quickly and easily! *Did you know that guys prefer that their products state what problem they solve while girls prefer products to state their benefits? For instance, an anti-ageing moisturiser should say “eliminate wrinkles” for men, and “look youthful” for women – both talking about the same thing but in a different approach*

Worried that being colourblind means the colour code won’t work for you? Don’t worry, I’m green-red colourblind and I can still differentiate the colours easily. The product shelf totally looks like a properly-organised “excel spreadsheet table”. *Fact: about 10% of male population are colourblind compared to 0.5% of female*

2. Cool gadget from Clarisonic for an express facial

Biotherm Homme Singapore3

Biotherm Homme is powered by Clarisonic. It uses a patented  technology of 300 micro-oscillations per second that gently and effectively removes dirt and oil for perfectly clean skin in just 1 minute. It cleanses skin 6X better than by hands alone!

I’ve tried their express facial and felt refreshed instantly even though I had a long day at work. Only thing I think they could improve on: I would have preferred that the therapist to explain to me what the various products she used on my face did like other facial salons I’ve been to. But otherwise, it was a quick and rewarding session.

The insider’s news is that they will be bringing in something like this cool Microsoft Interactive Multi-Touch Surface Table that can help you explore Biotherm Homme products with this high-tech device.

3. Fuss-free = Fast experience, the way we like it

The whole store’s concept is based on giving us a fuss-free retail experience. The product shelf is tactically placed to allow us to quickly grab our products and leave, in case some of us are too shy to hang around a skincare outlet one second too long. But honestly, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about – women love men who take good care of themselves, really!

And of course if you have no idea what you are looking for, feel free to ask the consultants and they will advise you based on your concerns.


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