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You’ve definitely used a facial mask before, and perhaps even eye masks and lip masks. Brace yourself for this: boob masks are the latest pampering product that have entered beauty world.

Boob masks have been spotted in Myeongdong with holes for the nipples. (We have no idea why there’s no love for them.)

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Just like facial masks, these masks promise to make the skin on the chest smoother, and appear firmer and more lifted. Results are said to be visible within 15 to 30 minutes, and continue to improve. It was even said that results can last for up to 24 hours.

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Another Korean boob mask even claims to help achieve more voluminous breasts, complete with a cheeky tagline that says “C-cup making project”.

But the Koreans aren’t the only one who’s giving their bust extra care. A gel mask called Oh! My Busty!? has also been seen in Japan. It is said to fit all breast sizes and comes in a cute heart shape to fit over each breast.

Finally, we also spotted this one that is said to be weaved by a rare handicraft bobbin lace or interwoven with bamboo charcoal to increase micro-circulation.