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bum facial

A Mail Online reporter tried bum facial, or “bacial”, apparently a growing trend among women. Yes, we’re saying bum, as in buttocks, as in the bottoms.

Its popularity soared in the last few months, with one London salon report an increase of 200% in enquiries for bacial treatments.

Customers who underwent the bum facials were said to have been motivated by how perfect the bums of celebrities looked in their photos posted on Twitter or Instagram.

These photos, known as “belfies” (bum-selfies) have been posted by the likes of Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook and Lady Gaga.

According to industry insiders, the most common complaints is that of a spotty butt. The cause may be hormonal, or caused by tight undergarments that create friction or trap perspiration against the skin. And if you want to reverse this problem? Bacial may just be the answer.

What Does A Bum Facial Involve?

A bacial is pretty much like a regular facial, except that it’s performed on your bum. According to the Mail Online writer, her butt was first examined, then a specific treatment was decided on. Then, her buttocks were massaged with a cleansing cream, followed by toner, and then a mask. The mask is then wiped off, before her buttocks were treated to LED light therapy, which can help eliminate the appearance of pigmentation and scars, while encouraging circulation, firming and healing.

Finally, the area is moisturised while the therapist administered a lymphatic drainage massage. The writer was asked to keep her buttocks hydrated with a rich body lotion for the next four to five days for best results.

The total damage to this treatment works out to £330 or approximately SGD700. But hey, now you can have buttocks that you’re proud of!

Will you try the bacial? How about a vagina spa treatment or other crazy spa treatments we’ve previously featured?

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