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“Time-starved” is not just one, but the most accurate phrase used to describe Singaporeans. We need more time. With so many things to do within just twenty-four hours, it is no surprise that we nitpick what to do with our stipulated time. Two of the many things we cannot strike off our list are “makeup” and “skincare” – and thank goodness we don’t – because that’s what makes us look and feel good despite how busy we are!

POPSUGAR Woman Spending Statistics 2014 Q4

Statistics of women spending in 2014, Q4. We really are vain, aren’t we!  Source

Put up your hand if you spend more than twenty minutes on your skincare regime before adding another twenty minutes for your makeup! Boy, imagine what you can do with all that time! With such high demand for more time, the beauty industry has risen to the occasion with the creation of “multi-functional” products.

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Multi-functional? Just what are they?

Multi-functional products refer to products that replace a few steps in your usual routine, for example a cleanser that also exfoliates and tones. However, this is not to be confused with a product that only fulfils one function but comes with multiple benefits, for example a moisturiser that has whitening and anti-oxidant properties.

With BB creams, foundations with SPF and skincare properties are no longer a novelty!

With BB creams, foundations with SPF and skincare properties are no longer a novelty!

The most popular multi-functional products are probably BB Creams. Originating from Germany, the BB Cream really took off in South Korea, and was one of the many first multi-functional products to be created. The appeal? A product with more than one function that saves both time and money. Most BB creams provide coverage and sun protection properties, as well as a suite of skincare properties such as whitening, hydrating, and anti-ageing. After it took off in Korea, western brands like Estée Lauder, Clinique, and Lancôme came up with their own versions of the BB Cream, and they performed very well too.

The multiple-step routine?

Multiple-step routine refer to a routine that are made up of specific products of different functions, and is probably why you spend so much time in your beauty regime. However, there are reasons to love them. Being more targeted, it means that all its ingredients used have been selected to treat a specific problem. Another benefit of using a tailored product is that you can customise your routine to whatever you need.

Day time routine

So many different kind of products to use! Source

“I am having a breakout” – Use an acne ointment.

“My skin is dry, but I have an oily t-zone” – Use a gel-base moisturiser.

The need to customise the skincare regime is probably the reason why people still go back to multiple-step routine instead of the multi-functional products that obviously saves time and money.

So, tell me again when should I use which type of product?

Use a multi-functional product when your face generally has the same kind of issues to treat, and go for a multiple-step routine when there are specific problems to address.

If you’re thinking of incorporating some multi-functional products to speed up your beauty routine on busy mornings, here are some of our recommendations.

Moisturiser / Primer / Sunblock

Auolive-Rise-and-Shine-Moisturiser-Day-Glower 1

Try: Auolive Day Glower (SGD118), available online at auolive.com.

This lightweight, water-based, and non-greasy anti-oxidant moisturiser really makes morning regimes so much faster! You can use this multi-functional product right after cleansing your face, and head right on to your foundation! The brand says that you can skip the toner, serum, and primer. You can also save the sun protection step since it already has SPF 30 with UVA protection. This product literally halves your morning routine. Yippee for more “me” time!

Lotion / Serum / Moisturiser

Lancome - Liquid Care Energie de vie 50ml

Try: Lancôme Énergie de Vie Liquid Care (SGD115) available at all Lancôme counters and its boutique at Capitol Piazza.

Part of the latest collection to join the Lancôme family, this serum allows you to skip on your lotion and moisturiser on those time-starved days. Designed to energise and freshen skin up, the Énergie de Vie Liquid Care sounds like the perfect product to have in the skincare stash of any busy individual.

Anti-Ageing / BB Cream / CC Cream / Sunscreen

For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Daily Defense Cream

The goodness of both the BB and CC Cream!

Try: For Beloved One Melasleep Brightening Daily Defense Cream (SGD53), available at all Sephora outlets.

Daily Defence (DD) Creams are known to contain the goodness of its predecessors, the BB and CC Cream, and on top of these, an emphasis in offering anti-ageing benefits. Not only does the DD Cream provide coverage, hydration, and protection from UV rays, it also protects the skin from the environmental damages, a leading factor for pre-mature ageing.

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