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Almost every makeup addict on this planet has gone completely mad over the appearance of the rainbow highlighter. It was like the Holy Grail of all highlighters was finally found. And while we completely agree that it does look magically gorgeous, it can be quite pricey and most of the time, out of stock anyway. Since we know most beauty enthusiasts around the world will want it in their makeup collection, we searched for an alternative solution to forking up your hard earned cash, and boy, did we find it!

diy rainbow highlighter featured


Pinterest had us swooning over gorgeous DIYs of bouquet of flowers, office décor, jewellery and makeup – and this is also where we got this brilliant idea.

Make it on your own! With this easy, step-by-step guide to making your own rainbow highlighter, you’ll feel like the ultimate makeup boss. Stay tuned to see how it’s made. But trust us, you’ll bat your lashes three times and it will be done.

Ingredients needed for DIY rainbow highlighter

Before we start on our beauty recipe, let’s see what you will need for this simple yet incredible DIY rainbow highlighter. This is probably the most sparkly and glam list of ingredients you’ll ever come across.

• Eye shadow palette
• Rubbing alcohol
• Empty compact
• Highlighter
• Toothpick
• Paper towel
• A knife or spoon

The step-by-step guide to making your own rainbow highlighter

diy rainbow highlighter 2


Step 1.
Crush the face highlighter until you get a fine powder.

Step 2.
Add some rubbing alcohol to it and pat it down. If you’ve ever seen a tutorial on how to repair a broken powder, it’s the same process.

Step 3.
Grab an eye shadow palette that you haven’t really used in a while, and you will probably never get around to using. Take your favourite colours out of the pan, by using a knife or spoon. Put each colour into a separate little container so that the colours don’t mix up, and crush them. We’re aiming for a rainbow highlighter so stick to the colours of the rainbow when choosing your colours.

Step 4.
After you’ve crushed the eye shadows, add the crushed highlighter to each of these.

Step 5.
Add alcohol, drop by drop, to each of these, until you form a paste. Don’t rush this process, as you might end up with a liquid instead of a paste.

Step 6.
Once you’ve made a pasty colour palette, take a toothpick and gradually transfer every colour into the compact, taking it step-by-step, until all the colours are in the compact.

Step 7.
Press the pan with a paper towel, until the colour stops transferring. Leave it to dry for the next 24 hours at least.

Extra Tips

• You can experiment with the amount of each colour you put in. If you don’t want too much blue, green or purple, balance out the quantity of the colours. It’s your highlighter, so you can customise it to your preference.
• Whether your colours come off strong also depends on the quality of the eye shadows that you used. It will be easier to work with a palette, that’s not necessarily high-end, but still has eye shadows that are of good quality.
• While at first you might go too hard and swipe it on so that you look like you’re featured in the evergreen single ’Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and Leprechauns start walking the trail to find the pot of gold, it takes a bit of practice.
Now that you know this wonderful secret, try it out. Stop obsessing over the pretty store packaging and get real. It’s easy to make in your own home. Let us know what the results are!