Happy Lunar New Year!

Chanel’s Le Blanc skincare line has been created after intensive research, which drew inspiration from the shimmering pearl, to deliver a whitening ritual for women who crave bright, translucent skin. This month, four new skincare products join the Chanel Le Blanc family, and at the heart of these products is the two-year pearl extract, which is formulated to illuminate the appearance of dull and yellow-toned complexion.


Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Tri-phase Makeup Remover


One of the new products is for the very first step of any skincare ritual – makeup remover. The new Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Tri-phase makeup remover (SGD77) is both effective and gentle. Extremely hydrating, its tri-phase texture cleanses all types of impurities.

In its first phase, you’ll experience how the gel texture glides over the skin to deliver a sense of freshness. Next, the gel transforms into a soft and silky oil that cleanses makeup and impurities from the skin. Finally, when it comes into contact with water, the oil changes into a milky emulsion that helps eliminate particles from pollution.

Chanel Le Blanc Intense Brightening Foam Cleanser


After removing the makeup, cleanse with this new foam cleanser (SGD77). This product is designed to eliminate the appearance of dark spots right from the cleansing step. Its generous lather helps to cleanse skin of impurities such as sebum and dead skin cells. Skin is left feeling refreshed and purified. This is to be used for both day and night.

Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Moisturizing Lotion


Now that your skin is properly cleansed, it’s time to prep it for the beauty ritual. The Brightening Moisturizing Lotion (SGD82) has great affinity with the epidermis so it is able to hydrate and balance the skin, as well as boost its receptiveness to the skincare goodness that the skin is about to receive from the products that you apply thereafter.

This lotion is formulated with a magnetic water complex that attracts water molecules, which in turn act as a diffusing wave of active ingredients. Skin feels plump, supple and radiant after this step. You can apply it directly with your finger tips or using a cotton pad.

Chanel Le Blanc Brightening Cheek Mask


A mask is also added to the Le Blanc range to instantly enhance glow on the cheeks by enhancing microcirculation so a natural flush can appear. Each sachet of the Brightening Cheek Mask (SGD125 for 6 sets of 2 cheek masks) is separated into parts and only activated when you want to use it to ensure the most optimal result.


Together with the Le Blanc skincare range, three new makeup bases (SGD84 each) featuring optimised formulas, and the La Perle de Chanel makeup collection consisting of nine items (prices range from SGD35 for an eyeliner to SGD90 for an eyeshadow palette) are also launched to help users achieve bright, translucent skin. See gif image below for the items in the makeup collection: