We’re a month away to when year-end parties and celebrations are in full swing. This gives us sufficient time to prep ourselves to look our best at every event, whether it is the office party or intimate friends’ gathering. Here’s a guide to get you ready from head to toe:

1. Don’t stress over your tresses

You may have a trusted hairstylist to help you create your hair ‘do or maybe you are an expert at doing up your hair at home. Nonetheless, good-looking hair begins with healthy scalp and a scalp treatment that strengthens your hair condition is the best way to ensuring best hair day on Christmas.


Try: Scalp Renewal Laser-Light Therapy by Salon Vim. The session begins with a diagnosis of your scalp conditions, before a customised treatment is prescribed. The therapist begins with a thorough cleanse using a professional scalp brush cleanser, followed by application of a treatment formula that’s customised according to your scalp needs. Finally, a combination of low-frequency laser, intense pulse light, and micro electric current is applied to help stimulate hair follicle and strengthen your scalp’s metabolism. This treatment is available at SGD185 at Salon Vim, located at #04-25 [email protected], #02-01B Wisma Atria, and 235 Victoria Street.

2. Smile more confidently

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, it may be impossible to get rid of the yellowish tinge that is caused by certain foods and beverages over time. Besides diet, natural ageing is also a factor that discolours teeth. If how your teeth look affects your confidence, consider going for a teeth whitening treatment so you can truly let your smile shine through at every party.


Try: LED Teeth Whitening at Lush Aesthetics. Using the latest technology that involves applying a non-peroxide gel, it is suitable for people with sensitive teeth. An LED light is used to activate the gel, which brightens teeth. The treatment is completed within an hour, and the upper and lower teeth can be treated at the same time. This treatment is available at SGD999.

3. Perk up tired-looking skin

You’ve worked hard in 2016, but don’t let your hard work show up on your skin. Treat tired-looking skin with a pampering facial treatment. Look for one that energises your skin quickly and get it all perked up for Christmas!


Try: Jet Cell Lift by Jet Concepts. The three-step treatment takes only 45 minutes to restore your skin’s health. It begins with a lymphatic drainage therapy that removes dead skin cells and encourages blood circulation. Then, polarised bio-active currents are used to stimulate your skin cells so they can create new collagen fibres. This high-tech treatment is comfortable and doesn’t irritate skin. Finally, the Red Light Therapy is used to energise cells so they can be restored. This treatment is available at SGD180, and at SGD98 for first-time customers.

4. Take care of unwanted hair

While most people will remember their facial and manicure sessions, many tend to forget about management of unwanted hair. To have peace of mind once and for all, consider IPL sessions that can reduce hair growth significantly.

Try: STRIP Powerpac. This new Brazilian IPL technology is a huge improvement from traditional equipment. First, it has a larger crystal applicator head to reduce hair over a wider area. It also uses a gradual heating system to manage comfort levels. This means that instead of receiving several sharp bursts of heat energy, your skin will be exposed to an accumulated heat energy that’s more comfortable. Finally, it has a special cooling system that absorbs residual heat from the skin surface. I’ve tried the STRIP Powerpac and am really surprised at how painless it was, especially compared to traditional IPL. STRIP Brazilian IPL is available at SGD642 for 50 minutes.

5. Pamper your hands and feet

Pamper yourself with a mani-pedi as a well-deserved treat. Get a new nail look inspired by the season of love and giving and attend the upcoming events and gatherings in style!

manicured hands

Try: Hand & Foot Package by Blanche Hair & Nail. Using what’s known as “para gel” from Japan, Blanche promises that its gel manicure doesn’t harm nails. Dedicated to nail techniques that won’t damage your nails, Blanche also doesn’t file your nail surface before applying gel. This Hand & Foot Package includes a basic manicure, basic pedicure, and callus treatment, and is available at SGD300.