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It’s the most wonderful time of the year as Christmas is finally around the corner! Whether you’re hosting a Christmas party or just a little get-together with your kin and kith, decorations are a must-have.

Apart from typical Christmas wall decorations, home fragrances are guaranteed to add a festive ambience to your home. Invest in a home fragrance if you’re intending to host – after all, it’s the first thing guests will notice when they step into your home.

Read on to see a few of our favourites that will surely make a great impression!

Scented sachets

1. Claremont & May Celebrations Large Scented Sachet


Great for a last-minute perk-up, this sachet consists of warm vanilla and balsamic aromas that give a sweet but slightly tangy smell to your home and is sure to put your guests in a celebratory mood for the holidays. Even after the party is over, they can be used in cars 0r cupboards for years. Celebrations can be purchased from Claremont & May at USD4.82.

2. Thymes Gingerbread Ornament Sachet


If you’re more into spice and ginger smells, this fragrance sachet is a must-buy. Smelling just like freshly baked gingerbread, this sachet will make your home smell like a gingerbread house without it being overpowering.  The sachet is guaranteed to make your home smell inviting, warm and festive. Thymes Gingerbread Ornament Sachet is sold on their website at USD12.

Make it last longer: It is advisable to store the sachet in a drawer or enclosed area before taking it out for the party. Also, keep the sachets out of sunlight.


3. Crabtree & Evelyn Festive Fig Home Fragranced Porcelain Diffuser


This porcelain diffuser from Crabtree & Evelyn consists of winter aromas like damson plum, black pepper and winter flowers. This diffuser, used with its oil fragrance, is sure to make your home cosier and more festive. The diffuser, stored in a cool and dry place, will last for at least three months. It is available at SGD98 for the diffuser and SGD18 for the fragrance oil.

4. Tom Dixon London Scented Diffuser


Hailing from the United Kingdom, the Tom Dixon London Scented Diffuser contains aromatic scents like black pepper and Oud wood that will make your home smell just like a pine garden. London is one of the most bustling cities during Christmas and you’ll be sure to take your guests into the Christmas spirit with this diffuser! Rotate the reeds every few hours or when the scent dwindles to keep your home smelling just like Christmas in London. This diffuser last for about two months and retails on their website at USD82.

5. Ashleigh & Burwood Reed Diffuser Christmas Spice

Ashleigh & Burwood Ltd

If you’re more into spiced aromas like nutmeg and clove, then look no further than this diffuser. The fragrance is loved for being light, gentle and refreshing. Stored in a cool dry place without sunlight, the diffuser can last up to three months. Furthermore, the packaging and design of the diffuser is understated but ornamental. Ashleigh & Burwood Reed Diffuser Christmas Spice is sold on their website at GPB13.95 (SGD25.03).

Make it last longer: Store the diffusers in a cool and dry place. Change the reeds no more than four times a day.

Not a fan of sachets or diffusers? Click the arrows and go to the next page for our selection of scented candles and room sprays.

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