Colourpop Disney Villian Collection

Disney Princesses are so yesterday. We’re all about the strong, independent women who need no man in 2019 – even if it means you have a dark side.

The Disney Princess collection they released last year may have been big among beauty lovers and Disney fans, but we’re quite sure this latest collection is going to outdo it. Channel your inner Maleficent or Cruella with ColourPop’s latest Disney Villains collection launched today. This time ColourPop explored the dark side of Disney and released an entire collection based on six Disney villains: Hades, Maleficent, Evil Queen from Snow White, Dr. Facilier, Cruella and Ursula. They all come in loud designs with goth-punk vibes, matches the sassy evil queens perfectly.

Colourpop Disney Villains 1

Photo: ColourPop

The collection will include the Press Powder Shadow Palette (USD22), six lipstick bullets inspired by the villains (USD8 each), Super Shock Highlighters (USD10), Ultra Glossy Lip (USD7), Jelly Much Shadows (USD8) and Glitterally Obsessed pots (USD8).

Colourpop Disney Villains Highlighter

Photo: ColourPop

We absolutely love the sassy names of the Super Shock Highlighters. Whether you’re the ‘Mistress of All Evil’ or scoffing at those ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls‘, you’ll have to keep your highlight on fleek.

Colourpop Disney Villains Lipstick

Photo: Colourpop

One lipstick shade for every other day you feel like a bad girl. Deep purple for Ursula and bright coral red for Cruella.

Colourpop Disney Villains Set

Photo: ColourPop

Get them in a bundle according to your favourite anti-hero or anti-heroine. If you still don’t know which villain is your alter ego, take a quiz to find out.

Colourpop Disney Villains Glitter

Photo: ColourPop

Pack on as much glitter as you want, you want to be the best of them all anyway. There’s even a shade named ‘Do I Look Like I Care?”, so much sass.

The ColourPop Disney Villain limited-edition collection launches today on ColourPop’s website.

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