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You probably choose your products based on your skin type (dry, normal, oily, and combination) or skin concerns (brightening, anti-ageing, hydration, acne). But what if you have dry skin and acne at the same time? What product should you use? When it comes to complicated concerns, customised skincare solutions may be the way to go. If you haven’t heard of bespoke skincare, read on to see which three we recommend. (Psst, fun fact: they’re all founded by Singaporeans!)

1. Mt. Sapola Xetract collection


You may be familiar with Mt. Sapola for its aromatherapy products. (It’s hard to miss the therapeutic scent whenever you walk past a Mt. Sapola store.) The brand has also created the Xetract line of skincare products, which delivers a more personalised solution to your skincare needs. Designed to to complement any skincare routine, Xetract is a curated set of 12 single-ingredient supplements that you can either use on its own, or add into your favourite serum or gel. For instance, if you are already using a moisturiser meant for intense hydration, but would also like to even out the appearance of your skin tone, you can consider adding the Ascorbic C Xetract (designed to help even out skin tone) into your moisturiser. Each supplement comes in a 15ml bottle, and prices range from SGD25.90 to SGD38.90. Visit the Xetract website for more information.

2. Skin Inc My Daily Dose

skin inc my daily dose

After doing a skin consultation (or an online skin check), you and a Skin Inc consultant can co-create a customise My Daily Dose serum, which is made up of three nourishing serums. If you purchase it online, for your convenience, these serums would be pre-mixed before delivery. What it means is that you’ll get a unique cocktail of serum that is catered according to your skin needs and lifestyle concerns. The active ingredients are encased in mini capsules within the serum, and they’re activated when you apply it onto your skin, which helps ensure the integrity and freshness of the product. A cocktail of three 10ml serum retails at SGD169. See more information at the Skin Inc website.

3. MTM Custom-Blended Skincare


Founded based on the Japanese skincare concept of customised skincare, MTM is a luxury spa that is also well-known for its Custom-Blended Skincare products. At the MTM outlet, a consultation and detailed skin analysis will be done by certified professionals trained by MTM Lab in Japan, and the same professionals will formulate a series of personalised Custom-Blended Skincare products for you. This means that you will be able to receive a customised concoction of moisturiser, serum, and eye cream, unique to you, based on your needs. MTM is located at #03-21/22 Wheelock Place and #01-04/05 Winsland House 1.