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father and daughter


Touch has a memory – John Keats

Touch, one of the most undervalued languages in today’s society is making a comeback. The notion of touch represents security, love and an intimacy like no other. It can be used as a bonding opportunity; for touch cannot exist on its own, you cannot touch without being touched.

I do not think that my dad has, in my entire life, ever touched my head much less braided my hair. Hair braiding requires a certain delicateness that makes manoeuvring awkward with a pair of large hands. Not withstanding the fact that the very action of braiding your daughter’s hair is in itself a very tender and delicate act I am not surprised to see few fathers in Asian societies being particularly participative in this aspect of their daughter’s lives.

When I came across an article on Greg Wickherst, who had just split up with his wife, I was particularly moved by his desire to connect, care and engage with his daughter. Greg enrolled himself into cosmetology school, going above and beyond for his precious two-year-old daughter and learnt how to primp her locks. The manner in which he wanted to be involved in her life is something that little and few would dare venture into.

“I don’t wanna pull her hair so I cut her rubber bands out.”

Watch how this father finds ways to beautify his little princess. If the love he has for her is not endearing enough, I am not sure what else will be.

This caused a flurry of activities with dad’s from all over America attempting to have a hand at this.

There was the good and the hilariously bad ones…


But through it all, one thing was particularly evident – the love the fathers have for their daughters.

Perhaps you are not yet a parent, perhaps you are the daughter who has never initiated physical contact with your parents. Today, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, do something different and ask “Papa, will you help me with my hair?”

For a simple tutorial to kick off this challenge, here’s a video you can learn together from: