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You have this holy grail foundation. Nothing else comes close to the ability to blend and the comfort of this foundation. It has medium to full coverage but doesn’t look cakey. It’s nothing short of the perfect foundation for you. You make your way to get yourself another bottle of it after you’re done with the current one. The salesgirl tells you, “I’m sorry Miss, that foundation has been discontinued.”

Discontinued Products_Barney Noooo

Discontinued Products_Noooo

God forbids that none of us here in Daily Vanity will ever have to experience that in our lives. But throughout the years, there have been products highly raved by pro makeup artists and A-list celebrities that have been discontinued. Here are six discontinued products that need to make a comeback.

1. Chanel Pro Lumier Foundation

Discontinued Products_Chanel-Pro-Lumiere-Foundation

This is a favourite of many makeup artists, including the creator of the famous Real Techniques brushes, Samantha Chapman (Source). Before it was discontinued, it was also a favourite of actress Anne Hathaway. Despite reformulating the foundation, many still prefer the Perfection Lumier to the new Pro Lumier. It had a dewy finish, it lasted long on the skin and it felt lightweight. It’s no wonder it was a hot favourite.

2. MAC Pink Swoon Blush

Discontinued Products_MAC Pink Swoon


Pink Swoon blush by MAC is a bright pink colour which is a staple blush in every makeup junkie’s collection. It is a favourite of Kim Kardashian. She has personally admitted that she loves the blush, and this is confirmed by her makeup artist (Source).

We’re not entirely sure if Kim knows it’s discontinued or not, but we’re pretty sure her makeup artist does, though. But anyway, if she ran out, she may probably just buy her way into getting MAC to make them personally for her.

3. Chanel Nail Polish in Rose Baby

Discontinued Products_Chanel Rose Baby

Jamee Gregory, the author of the book New York Parties: An Insider’s View, had to face the music when her favourite nail polish, Chanel’s Rose Baby was discontinued. She bought every bottle she could get and stored it in the refrigerator. When the article we got this information from was published, it was 2008 and she was down to her last three bottles. We wonder if she still has at least half a bottle left.


4. L’Oreal Techni. art Hairspray


Hairstylist David Evangelista keeps his last two cans of the hairspray under lock and key in his salon. He only whips it out when his clients like Eva Longoria come to get her hair done.

It’s amazing to see what lengths people would take to ration out their favourite products. We reckon it’s quite daunting to see your inventory of your favourite hairspray depleting, and depleting, and knowing that you can’t get out to get more. Shudders!

5. Lancôme Color Design Infinité Eyeshadow

Lancôme Color Design Infinité Eyeshadow

Said to be one of the best powder eyeshadows on the market by fans, it had a fantastic formula that made it go on eyelids smooth as silk, and was great on its own or layered over cream eye shadow. This eyeshadow is also claimed to last forever without creasing, and great for creating a perfect satiny metallic finish that is more gleaming than glittery.

How much do fans love and miss this? Well, one of them said that she still has remnants of Timeless Taupe, a limited-edition shade the brand made with Jason Wu back in 2013, and she’s willing to brave an eye infection just to continue using it!


Do you have any holy grail products that were discontinued? Share with us!