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We’ve already established the fact that we can definitely find very good products at a cheaper price from the drugstore. But are there cheaper products that can replace the expensive ones? Yes, we’ve finally got round to providing you with a list of dupes!

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If you’re not familiar with the term “dupe” in the beauty world, it basically refers to a more affordable alternative for an expensive or high-end product that’s incredibly similar in texture, shade and result. See our list of 8 product dupes – from skincare to makeup – as we share with you whether they work just as well as their more expensive alternative.

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1. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence vs. Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence


Both the SK-II Treatment Essence and the MISSHA Time Revolution First Treatment Essence consists of yeast extract and has an ingredient list that looks incredibly similar. The key difference is that the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence contains their star ingredient, Pitera. However, reviews have said that for significantly less money, the MISSHA essence has helped reduce skin redness, and made it more radiant. It also helps even out the skin tone, and according to this blogger, it has helped soften the appearance of her wrinkles, making them look less prominent.

2. MAC Naked Lunch vs. Wet N Wild Walking on Eggshells Eyeshadow Trio




From the swatch above, you can probably tell that the two shades and textures are almost identical. What’s more, for the Wet N Wild palette, you get the two other eyeshadows too!

DV Tip

Psst... The two other shades in the Wet N Wild Palette are also dupes for two other MAC eyeshadows, Shroom and Cork!

3. Beauty Blender Cleanser vs. Daiso Sponge Cleaner


Probably one of THE BEST finds in the last couple of months. If you own a Beauty Blender, you would know how hard it is to clean it. Even after washing it with baby shampoo or mild bar soap, you’ll still be left with foundation stains on your beauty blender. And you can’t justify paying SGD29 for a sponge cleaner, of all things. Well, you can find a product from everyone’s favourite store, Daiso, that cleans your Beauty Blenders just as well as the Beauty Blender Cleanser would! It’s only SGD2 per bottle and you can use it to wash your brushes too!

DV Tip

Buy multiple bottles when you see them in stock, because they run out VERY quickly and it takes awhile for them to be restocked!