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Elizabeth Arden, one of the most famous brands for products that fight environmental signs of ageing, is launching not one, but two new additions to its highly-popular Prevage range. Available in Singapore from November 2013, Elizabeth Arden held its media launch in Phuket, and Daily Vanity was there to bring back the report, first-hand.

Elizabeth Arden Phuket

Fans of Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage line may be familiar with its serum, sunscreen, hydrating fluid, or the latest lash and brow serum, but many also noticed that the line that’s known for its efficacy doesn’t have a cleanser yet. Now, the wait is over. Probably saving the best for later, Elizabeth Arden is finally launching the Prevage Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser in November.

Like all Prevage products, at the centre of this cleanser is the Idebenone, an antioxidant technology that’s said to be more powerful than vitamin E. Carrying an EPF (environmental protection factor) of 95 out of 100, to give powerful protection to the skin against environmental aggressors that we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Elizabeth Arden Phuket Prevage Cleanser

This cleanser approaches cleansing through a three-dimensional system:

  • It foams mildly, and through the foam, it cleanses dirt and impurities from the skin’s surface
  • The bamboo beads in the formula helps to mechanically exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells in order to promote cell renewal and to reveal new, radiant skin; at the same time, the mechanical exfoliation is supported with enzymatic exfoliation with the help of an active enzyme to “dissolve” impurities and dead skin cells that can’t be “lifted” by the mechanical action
  • The mushroom extract and hexapeptide complex in the formula cleanses skin deeply it can be renewed and prepared to receive skincare treatment later

Like the cleanser, the other new product that is going to be launched in the Prevage line – the Prevage Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum, also contains Idebenone as its star ingredient.

Fans may wonder why the need for yet another eye product in the Prevage range, since there’s already a well-loved eye cream in the line. This particular eye serum is designed for those who are seeing more serious signs of ageing around the eyes, and wish to put them under control. The new eye serum is special in that it is designed with taking care of the upper eyelids in mind, a function that we’ve hardly seen in any eye care product in the market.

Scientists have found that exposure to pollutants are a huge cause of the appearance of wrinkles and breakdown of collagen and elastin. Our upper eyelids, which are responsible for our blinking movement, happen to be thinner than the rest of our facial skin too. As such, with age and extended exposure to environmental factors, we may find our upper eyelids turn “crepey” and droopy, making our overall appearance seem tired and aged.

Elizabeth Arden Phuket Prevage Anti Aging Intensive Repair Eye Serum

With the help of Idebenone, which you know by now is a powerful antioxidant, as well as a blend of AFC and Thiotaine, the formula helps to neutralise 95% of environmental free radicals and minimises the visible effects of cellular inflammation, both of which the primary casues of signs of ageing.

The new eye serum promises to deliver, through its lightweight formula, the following benefits:

  • Deep lines in the upper eyelids
  • Crepiness and droopiness in the eyelids
  • Dark eye circles
  • Wrinkles

If you notice, it pretty much covers all the problems that the eye area faces that are associated to signs of ageing.

The Elizabeth Arden Prevage  Anti-aging Treatment Boosting Cleanser (SGD69) and Anti-aging + Intensive Repair Eye Serum (SGD215) will be available from November 2013 at all Elizabeth Arden counters. We’re in the midst of trying the products and will be presenting our honest reviews soon. Stay tuned!

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