Every skin type has its issue. Those with oily skin will find themselves struggling with these two key problems: enlarged pores and dull complexion.

Korean beauty corporation, AmorePacific, has concluded from a study on Asian women that there’s a direct correlation between your pore size and skin tone. Rough and uneven skin texture gives the appearance of dull complexion.

Typically, you’ll be able to find products that target at each of these concerns: pore care and whitening, but what happens is that you’ll end up with a complex skincare regime that you’ll find hard to keep up with.

innisfree Whitening Pore Line_Set

Consider the new Whitening Pore Line by innisfree instead. This range of dual-functioning products are formulated for brightening your complexion while taking care of your pores at the same time.

Fortified with extracts from organic Jeju tangerine peels, this new range of products consists of five products to deliver radiant-looking skin that visibly eliminates the appearance of pores.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the uneven texture of tangerine peel. The organic Jeju tangerine peel carries high levels of vitamins C and E, and flavonoids, which are great agents for pore care and brightening.

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What are the products in the innisfree Whitening Pore Line?

The star product in the range is the Whitening Pore Synergy Serum. This is an ampoule-essence (an essence that offers the goodness of an ampoule) and contains 82% fresh tangerine peel essence.

innisfree Whitening Pore Synergy Serum


The range also consists:

  • White Pore Facial Cleanser that contains Kaolin (a white clay ingredient that effectively absorbs skin’s impurities and sebum while deep cleansing the pores)
  • Whitening Pore Skin, a bi-phase toner
  • Whitening Pore Cream, a lightweight and cooling moisturiser, and
  • Whitening Pore Eye Cream, which also offers wrinkle care effects

The innisfree Whitening Pore Line will be available from March 2015, at all innisfree stores. They are located at:

  • #B2-34/35, Takashimaya Shopping Centre
  • #01-63/64, Plaza Singapura
  • #01-109/110, Bugis Junction


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