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We know that it is important to lather up our cleanser into a bouncy lump of foam before applying it onto our faces; this step helps to remove grime from our skin more thoroughly. According to a study by Japanese beauty brand Kanebo, while this is the best way to use cleansers, most people find it too much of hassle to lather up.


To encourage cleansing with foam, Kanebo is launching the Evita Beauty Whip Soap on 1 September in Japan. Simply shake the bottle, press down the dispenser – and voila! – a bouncy lump of foam in the shape of a rose appears!

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The product isn’t just about good looks. Containing propolis extract and soluble collagen, this cleanser is formulated to help boost hydration. To make things even sweeter, it is also pleasantly-scented – it smells like roses, what else? We’ve heard that this is actually targeted at women aged 50 and above, but if you ask us, it looks like it’s a product no woman can resist, regardless of age.



This product will retail at ¥1,200 (approximately SGD16.15) but it doesn’t seem like Singapore will be carrying it. However, many beauty enthusiasts are using platforms like Airfrov, on which they can request travellers to make overseas purchases on their behalf, to get their hands on the product. Here’s one of the listings we saw.

Watch its promotional video here:

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