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We’ve always known local actress Fann Wong for her svelte figure and porcelain skin. But the new mother also suffered from excess weight woes during her pregnancy.

Gaining 16kg and weighing 70kg before delivery, Fann continued to experience weight-related issues after she delivered her son: water retention, loss of skin elasticity, bulging hips and tummy.

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“Christopher encouraged me to consume all the nutritious food that will benefit Zed and me,” Fann told Daily Vanity about her husband, local actor Christopher Lee’s reaction towards her weight gain. Christopher also told her that her weight gain gave him “a sense of security” and told her that he missed her fuller figure.

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Fann Wong continued on a nutritious and rich diet after pregnancy. “I took on a 100-day confinement after giving birth to Zed and followed the advice given on what to eat. As I intend to breastfeed Zed, I wanted to ensure that he gets all the nutrition he could, so I ate all the nutritious food and soups that were prepared for me,” she told us.

Not cutting down on her diet, Fann Wong was also unable to engage in strenuous exercise because she has undergone a C-section.

The spokesperson of Marie France Bodyline says that she relied solely on the treatments from the slimming company to get back to shape.

Describing her experience and treatments at Marie France Bodyline, Fann says: “During the first three weeks, I visited Marie France Bodyline five times a week. My therapist ensured that my treatments were on a low setting during this period as I was nursing my C-section wound. This also allowed me to feel more relaxed and comfortable in the initial phase of my treatments.”

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After this, she went for treatments three times a week for the next five weeks, and subsequently reduced the frequency to once a week in the last two weeks because of her filming schedule.

Fann went through a customised three-phase post-natal slimming programme that combined various treatments, including the PRO-FREEZE and Patented Indiba® Body-Curve System, designed to target her stubborn fats, increase metabolism, stimulate circulation and redefine body curves.

Now, after three months of treatments, Fann has lost all her post-natal weight and is back to her pre-pregnancy weight of 54kg.

No wonder Christopher, who came to surprise Fann at the press conference, said in jest that they should try for a second child since she has slimmed down.

For more information regarding Fann’s treatments at Marie France Bodyline, you can visit their website at https://www.mariefrance.com.sg.