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Who doesn’t love a good, refreshing facial or body treatment? Think soothing aromas and atmospheres, a relaxed state of mind, and clear radiant skin. Now add discounts to all that and there’s no chance we can stay away from these salons and their beneficial treatments!

The best part is that your experience there and the effectiveness of the treatments won’t be discounted at all. You’ll get a great bang for your buck while ticking off the “self-care” box on your checklist.

So if you’ve been feeling tense and stressed lately, maybe it’s time to put yourself first and prioritise your self-maintenance ritual.

Read on to see which exciting deals speak to you and which treatments you’ll be going for during the long Good Friday weekend.

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ASTALIFT Singapore 85-min Stem Cell Youth Activation Facial with Thermo-Cryotherapy & Full Shoulder, Neck & Scalp Massage (1 session)

good friday beauty promos, astalift singapore skincare and facials

Where “beauty is a science”, you can experience the wonders of photogenic beauty science through ASTALIFT’s facials. With innovative technologies, leading-edge science, and traditional techniques, these pampering treatments will deliver the ultimate care for your skin.

Designed to combat all ageing concerns, this facial treatment helps re-energise skin stem cells and rebuild the skin’s natural defence. Your skin’s youth will be restored at the cellular level.

Get this treatment for S$39 instead of S$128 on Salon Finder.

good friday beauty promos

Other than providing top-notch facial services, ASTALIFT also carries a range of in-house skincare, makeup products, and supplements. Its facials include the use of its skincare products, which are Japanese skincare quality researched, developed, and perfected over eight decades.

Shop for ASTALIFT Singapore’s products when you visit the salon or buy them on Shopee and Lazada.

Address: Click here for the full list of outlets
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 9pm (Sat and Sun)
Contact: Email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Beleaf Beauty Acne Treatment

beleaf beauty facials

In need of acne treatment? Beleaf Beauty and its skilled beauticians offer a relaxing and thorough treatment procedure to cleanse your skin.

Each treatment includes double cleansing, Omega Hydro Peel, extraction, eyebrow shaping, an enzyme mask, ultrasonic with essence, face detox massage with serum, face mask, shoulder massage, and aftercare.

The Omega Hydro Peel included uses a vacuum suction device that softens dead skin cells and removes them without the harshness of needles and painful extractions.

Plus, they also offer eyelash extensions and super hair removal (SHR) services, so you can certainly kill two birds with one stone with a self-care day!

Get this treatment for S$38 instead of S$198 on Salon Finder.

Address: Anson Road, International Plaza, #03-08, Singapore 079903
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 5pm (Sat) | Closed on Sun
Contact: 8118 1819
Facebook | Instagram

Exquisite Skinlabs Signature Plant Stem Cell Care

good friday beauty promos, facials

This facial treatment features the award-winning apple plant stem cell extracts which offer multi-action and regenerating benefits by smoothing out wrinkles and lines.

Each treatment includes a skin analysis by their skin specialist, deep skin cleansing, gentle exfoliation, Oxygen – O2 mask application, extraction of impurities, relaxation face massage, stem cell mask, and last but not least, application of toner, moisturiser, and sunscreen application.

With only five-star reviews of this salon and this extensive treatment, you’ll be leaving Exquisite Skinlabs with instantly less damaged skin and long-term results.

Get this treatment for S$48 instead of S$128 on Salon Finder.

Address: Blk 825 Tampines Street 81, #01-60, Singapore 520825
Opening hours: 10.30am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 7pm (Sat and Sun)
Contact: 8685 3476
Website | Facebook

Facebar N Skin Detox Bio Light with Eye Guasha drainage treatment Trial

good friday beauty promos, facials

Give your skin the detox it needs for a clearer and brighter complexion.

The Detox Bio Light Treatment also comes with an eye guasha, which helps improve blood circulation around the eye area and will dispel puffiness and dark eye circles around the eyes.

The whole procedure starts with a double cleanser and exfoliation before softening the impurities and a detailed extraction. There’s also an eyebrow-shaping step.

Then, the BioLight machine and an eye guasha drainage paired with a serum. After approximately 90 minutes, it’ll end off with a face massage and treatment mask.

Get this treatment for S$18 instead of S$388 on Salon Finder.

Address: 10 Anson Road, International plaza, #03-33, Singapore 079903
Opening hours: 11.30am – 9pm (Tue to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat) | Closed on Sun
Contact: Call 9727 5002 or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook

Mero Skin Purifying Balance Facial + IPL Treatment

mero skin facials

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) can have wonderful effects from erasing freckles, mild sun damage, irregular pigmentation, and light brown spots on the face, neck, and chest. Plus, it also has a subtle effect on rosacea, fine wrinkles, large pores, and dilated capillaries.

The treatment includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, mild extraction, cleansing, cooling IPL gel on the face, IPL shots, purifying cream mask application, finishing care, and sunscreen application.

With the salon’s commitment to providing all with the most healthy, natural-looking skin possible, you’ll be treating yourself to clarified and refined skin, diminished pigmentation, and minimised enlarged pores.

Get this treatment for S$88 instead of S$180 on Salon Finder.

Address: 10 Anson Road, International plaza, #03-34/35, Singapore 079903
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 6pm (Sat) | Closed on Sun and PH
Contact: Call 6223 4135, WhatsApp 8691 9933 or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Mirage Aesthetic Signature RF Nano Crystallize Hyaluronic Skin Booster Treatment

mirage aesthetics, good friday beauty promos

Indulge in Mirage Aesthetic’s excellent and relaxing facials. With a 4.9-star rating, you’ll be leaving this salon feeling refreshed and with radiant, glowing skin!

A 3-in-1 Swiss-perfected facial treatment that combines radiofrequency (RF) heat, this facial treatment uses a nanocrystalline injector and LED photon functions to deliver immediate hydration, luminosity, and skin tightening results.

Get this treatment for S$280 instead of S$920 on Salon Finder.

Click here to see the full list of outlets, opening hours, and the different outlets’ emails and numbers.

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Peachy Skin Bar Signature Omakase Facial – Queen Of All Bespoke Treatments (Trial Promotion)

good friday beauty promos, peachy skin bar omakase facial

Peachy Skin Bar’s Omakase Facial is dubbed to be the best-selling treatment of all time. It’s entirely customised by their experienced therapists to what your skin needs during each visit.

Similarly to a buffet, you’ll have access to all of the salon’s dermatology-grade skincare machines included in the Omakase treatment and can get to try them out as long as it’s suitable for your skin.

The Signature Omakase Facial is paired with premium products with premedical actives from Germany. And to top it all off, an ultra-luxe silk mask + crystal gel is used instead of the usual face oil during your face massage.

Get this treatment at Peachy Skin Bar.

Address: 62A Queen Street, Bugis Street, Singapore 188541
Contact: Call 8892 3378 or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Spa Aperial Beauty Hair Nail Korean 24K Gold Brighten & Lifting Facial

spa aperial good friday beauty promos

In just 90 minutes, you’ll be able to get younger-looking skin that’s smoother and tighter with this treatment. One of the softest metals known to man, gold is easily absorbed into the skin and has been used for its medicinal properties throughout history.

As an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent, the gold will help draw toxins and impurities out of your skin for a radiant glow. It’ll also increase your face’s blood flow and help slow down collagen depletion and elastin breakdown.

Most customers rave about the friendly staff and were very satisfied with their facial services. Spa Aperial also has hair and nail services, perfect for a full makeover!

Get this treatment for S$28 instead of S$168 on Salon Finder.

Address: Click here for the full list of outlets
Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm (Tue to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat and Sun) | Closed on Mon & PH
Contact: Email [email protected] or click here for the different outlets’ numbers
Website | Facebook

Body treatments

Beauteous Boutique 3-in-1 Body Contouring

good friday beauty promos, beauteous boutique body slimming treatment

This quaint little boutique is known for its great deals, amazing results, professional products, and experienced skin care professionals.

The 3-in-1 Body Contouring procedure uses a medical-grade machine that helps to firm, contour, target cellulite, and aid in body edema and body aches. Don’t fret if you don’t see results immediately, as the results will show gradually over time!

Each voucher entitles you to contour on either the tummy, thighs, back, arms, buttocks, or a face lymphatic drainage.

Get this treatment for S$144 instead of S$180 on Salon Finder.

Address: 190 Clemenceau Ave, Singapore Shopping Center, #02-16, Singapore 239924
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 5.30pm (Sat) | Closed on Sun
Contact: Call 6444 0866 or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook

Céramique Aesthetics Indiba Bio Stimulation Treatment

good friday beauty promos, ceramique aesthetics sg

Céramique Aesthetics offer a slew of body treatments, including body slimming, fat freezing, and collagen stimulating services. A must-try is their Indiba Bio Stimulation Treatment.

This treatment uses the patented 448 kHz radio-frequency wave to burn fats by heating the fat layer and shrinking fat cells. Simultaneously, your metabolism will be activated and the new formation of fat in treated areas will be prevented.

CE-marked and FDA-approved, INDIBA® delves deeper than most other slimming technology, reaching deep stubborn fatty tissues and melting them away naturally.

From clinical assessments across different medical centres, the results of INDIBA® have been incredibly positive. 82% reported reduced cellulite; 87% had tightened skin; and 90% were satisfied with the body-shaping effect.

Get Indiba Bio Stimulation Treatment for S$138 instead of S$688 on Salon Finder.

Address: Click here for the full list of outlets
Opening hours: 11.30am – 8.30pm (Mon to Fri) | 10.30am – 7pm (Sat and Sun)
Contact: Call 8699 6286/8890 3358 or email [email protected]
Website | Instagram

The Body Firm Two Signature Award-winning Fat Burning Treatments

good friday beauty promos, body slimming treatments

With a 4.7-star rating, most of The Body Firm’s customers are impressed with treatment results and the doctor’s expertise.

In this treatment package, you’ll get to choose two out of three signature fat-burning treatments: TBF Toning Treatment for toning and shaping; Tripollar Radio Frequency for skin tightening; I-LIPO for a smart, non-invasive alternative to liposuction.

Other than being non-invasive, the treatments are also painless and have no downtime.

Get this treatment for S$68 instead of S$598 on Salon Finder.

Address: Click here for the full list of outlets
Opening hours: 10am – 8.30pm (Mon to Sat) | 10am – 6pm (Sun & PH)
Contact: Call 9820 1360 or email [email protected]
Website | Instagram