Far East Plaza certainly isn’t as glamorous as its glitzy Orchard Road counterparts, but stylists have sworn by this place for years, and the huge number of beauty services available at the mall is more than sufficient to make any beauty junkie go giddy with excitement.

However, the range of choices can get overwhelming for many of us. With beauty salons abound at every corner, it’s hard to decide which ones you should spend your hard-earned money on.

We get it. This is why we’re here to solve that issue for you today – with a round-up of the best and most popular beauty salons at Far East Plaza.

Hair services

1. J7Image Hair Salon

J7 definitely doesn’t look or feel like a typical hair salon in Far East Plaza. With their trendy decorations and clean layout, it appears to be more of a hipster café that happens to offer hair services.

Aesthetics aside, the salon places huge emphasis on using organic hair products on their customers, making sure that those of us with sensitive scalps are well taken care of!

J7 Image is located at #05-32/33 Far East Plaza.


Dubbed as the #1 hair salon in Seoul, CCA HAIR is definitely the place to go get your hair done if you have some extra cash to spare. Their services are definitely not cheap, but they are all done by some of the most professional and experienced stylists you’ll ever meet.

CCA Hair is located at #02-92 Far East Plaza.

3. Artica Hair Studio

Artica is particularly good for hair colouring. On top of the unique colour blends, regulars know that hair colours last longer when you get them done at Artica,  possibly because of the colouring techniques that the salon’s founder, Juno, has created.

Furthermore, they have power adapters for you to charge your phone/tablet at every seat – you no longer have to worry about your device running out of battery while getting your hair done!

Artica Hair Studio is located at #04-64 Far East Plaza.

4. Clover Hair Boutique

Founded with the very philosophy to help customers see a different side to themselves, Clover has grown to be one of Singapore’s most well-known salons for makeover haircuts and colour. In addition, many of their stylists have been involved in styling for models, bloggers and celebrities for Mediacorp TV programs, fashion shows, and magazine shoots!

Clover Hair Boutique is located at #11-0312 Far East Plaza.

5. Gataomo Hair Salon

Since its opening in 2006, Gataomo has become increasingly popular through word-of-mouth, thanks to the talented stylists (each with their own dedicated following) and competitive prices. It has also gained countless critical accolades and good reviews, and it’s not hard to see why.

Gataomo Hair Salon is located at #04-79 & 80 Far East Plaza.

6. Klearcut Hairdressing

Step into Klearcut on any given weekend and you’ll be greeted by a bustling crowd: a testament to its growing popularity amongst teenagers and young adults alike. Despite the small and cramped surroundings, it clearly wins customers over with the friendly service and affordable prices (students get a 10% discount).

Klearcut Hairdressing is located at #05-113 Far East Plaza.

Nail services

1. Pink Parlour

Pink Parlour needs no introduction. A renowned beauty salon chain in Singapore offering top-notch nail services at reasonable prices, there is no reason to give this salon a miss the next time you visit Far East Plaza. Plus, they earn points for their stunning decoration!

Pink Parlour is located at #05-83 Far East Plaza.

2. Iputa Nails

If classic, French-manicured nails are more your style, this isn’t the place for you. Those in the know will tell you that Iputa is the place to go for the girliest, fanciest, and bling-iest nails you could imagine. From acrylic nails to 3D nail art with crystals and other embellishments, the sky’s the limit.

Iputa Nails is located at #05-07 Far East Plaza.

3. Nail Queen

Chipped your nails right before a very important date? Nail Queen will fix those digits up in a jiffy. In just 10 minutes, they’ll buff, shape, and paint your nails – for $10! If you’re feeling fancy and have got more time to spare, there’s a wide selection of nail art designs to suit your every mood.

Nail Queen is located at #04-88 Far East Plaza.

4. Mischievous

A cosy nail salon providing efficient and reasonably-priced services? Yes, please! Sit back and relax as skilled professionals at Mischievous pamper you with high quality nail and customer services.

DV Tip: Book an appointment with them before you head down, else you might have to spend quite a fair bit of time sitting around waiting for your turn.

Mischievous is located at #04-144 Far East Plaza.

Facial services

1. Chez Moi De Beaute

Chez Moi De Beaute prides itself on its customised facial rituals and treatments tailored to your unique needs, devised by their trained therapists. Established in 1989, this cosy salon has friendly and experienced staff, who are more than happy to guide you through their various treatments and products available.

Chez Moi De Beaute is located at #04-75 Far East Plaza.

2. Skin Fab

Skin Fab has a mission: to pamper and look after your skin. With a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts, they offer a wide range of effective facials and hair removal treatments to ensure that you love the skin you’re in. In short, it is the perfect place to let yourself be pampered.

Skin Fab is located at #01-70 Far East Plaza.

3. Fresver Beauty

Ever since its opening in 1988, Fresver has clinched many accolades, such as the Best Perfecting Facial Award by a local magazine. With an ever-increasing customer base that always goes back for the great service and treatment results, it’s not hard to see why it’s received so many awards affirming its quality of service.

Fresver is located at #05-18 Far East Plaza.

4. Queen’s Beauty Centre

On top of quick and painless treatment processes, the beauticians at Queen’s Beauty Centre like to explain beauty technicalities to customers due to their vast knowledge on skin conditions. Consequently, customers are able to gain more insight into how they should be taking care of their skin.

Queen’s Beauty Centre is located at #04-103 Far East Plaza.

5. Point D’ Beaute

Yearning for that glowing, dewy, complexion that makes you look extra young? Go for facial treatments at Point D’Beaute and you’ll achieve just that! The salon prides itself on being a women-only salon, and their staff are known for their gentle and painless treatments.

Point D’Beaute is located at #04-05 Far East Plaza.

Brows and lashes services

1. Brow Studio Expert

Brow Studio Expert offers a variety of services ranging from eyebrow to eyeliner to lip embroidery, utilising the best materials imported from Korea. Furthermore, they are all made from organic natural ingredients are gentler on your skin or brows, and promise to actually aid the growth of thicker eyebrows!

DV Tip: If you’re not sure of what’s most suitable for you, you can book a free consultation session with their technicians, who will take guide you through each process step-by-step. Don’t worry – you’re not obliged to take up any of their services after that.

Brow Studio Expert is located at #05-29 Far East Plaza.

2. Amy Beauty-Link International

Hidden in an obscure corner with a slightly worn, neighbourhood-looking exterior is a brow and lash gem known within Singapore’s beauty circle. However,  judging from the many pictures of the boss, Amy, taken with celebrities such as Stefanie Sun, Joanne Peh and Zoe Tay, it could mean that celebrities are among the salon’s patrons.

Amy Beauty-Link International is located at #05-72 Far East Plaza.

3. Milly’s

Milly’s offers some of the best eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery services you’ll find in Singapore. Therefore, if you’re going for that full and flawless brow look or long and voluminous lashes, be sure to check them out – you’ll not be disappointed, we promise.

Milly’s is located at #03-131 Far East Plaza.

4. Bellus de Charme

With an experienced team that is constantly receiving skills upgrades through beauty courses, Bellus de Charme makes sure that its staff are always well-informed of the latest beauty trends and skills in order to satisfy customers’ needs. The salon specialises in eyebrow shaping and embroidery services, but you can also get your eyelashes permed here to make your lashes flutter.

Bellus de Charme is located at #04-105 Far East Plaza.

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