It seems like a natural development for top fashion brands to go into makeup. Brands like Chanel, YSL and Tom Ford are all first known for their fashion achievements before they dabbled with the world of beauty with great success.

marc jacobs makeup 1

The latest to join this exclusive club is Marc Jacobs, which has teamed up with Sephora to launch a cosmetics collection. This collection features 122 products, and they’re not all catered to only women – unisex lip balms, brow gel and concealer cheekily called “Boy Tested, Girl Approved” are in the repertoire.

marc jacobs makeup 2

Thankfully, you don’t have to expect sky-rocket prices for a beauty piece of this luxury brand. We’ve heard that the cheapest in the collection are lip balms that will be priced at USD24 and the most expensive is a seven-colour eye palette at USD59, in Sephora USA.

marc jacobs makeup 3

Known for his quirk and provocativeness, the designer’s debut makeup collection will see products that are inspired by his own life. Shameless is a blush that emulates Marc Jacobs’ tattoo, Lovemarc, a gel lipstick that’s available in 16 shades are all named after the designer’s favourite movies, and Style Eye-Con (we love the pun!) is a dark eye shadows palette. The line is set to launch in August.

marc jacobs makeup 4

But Marc Jacobs isn’t the only one who’s jumping onto the beauty bandwagon. Market sources revealed to Women’s Wear Daily that Gucci has been developing a makeup line that will hit the shelves in 2014. Gucci isn’t exactly new to the beauty world, as its celebrity-fronted perfumes have been popular. Sources say that this makeup venture, like its fragrance one, will be a collaboration with P&G. As none of the official sources are willing to comment on this, we could only wait and see what’s brewing! If we get it right, it sounds like exciting times for beauty junkies.

All photos by WWD.