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Brazilian waxes: some women swear by them, but for the virgins who have never stepped into a waxing parlour before, a million thoughts run through their head before the treatment even starts.

brazilian wax virgins

We just want to let you know it’s okay to freak out a little – you’re not alone! Just brave through these thoughts and emerge a new, fresher woman. ;)

1. It’s definitely going to hurt, right?

brazilian wax_1
2. I wonder how many clients this therapist has done this for…

brazilian wax 2
3. The therapist is going to judge how it looks, right?

brazilian wax gif 3

4. Did I wash the area enough? Will the therapist freak out, like…

brazilian wax_4

5. So many women have gone before me and survived this. And I will too.

brazilian wax_5

6. Just a few more times, and I may never have to shave ever again!

brazilian wax_6

7. Oh god, I think I am going to regret this. I am so going to regret this.

brazilian wax_7

8. It’s going to be over before I know it. It’s going to be over before I know it.

brazilian wax_8

9. If I ask her to stop in between waxing strips, is it too embarrassing?

brazilian wax_9

10. Okay, let’s just do it. I will survive. Right?

brazilian wax_10

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