You may be surprised but beauty boutiques and counters are more generous than you think they are. Many of them actually provide freebies even if you’re not walking away with any purchases. These well-kept secrets are now revealed in this post. Psst, come closer!

1. Free samples at Kiehl’s

kiehl's samples

I can still remember my first visit at Kiehl’s. I was browsing around, looking for an eye cream, when a friendly beauty advisor came over to help me out. We had a chat about my concerns and instead of pushing me to purchase a product right away, she went to the counter, where there were many small pharmaceutical drawers, and from one of them, took out a generous sample of the Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate for me. She also asked me if I’d like to try other products from Kiehl’s and gave me a few more sachets.

The sachets are generally more generous than most other samples that other brands give out – they typically can last for around three days to a week (in the case of an eye cream), giving me sufficient time to discern if I like the product enough to purchase it. Sure enough, I returned to buy the eye cream, and also a toner. All thanks to Kiehl’s Try Before You Buy culture!

Now, you can visit Kiehl’s and get a skin analysis done, and they will give you five samples to try out immediately.

2. Hand massage at Jo Malone

jo malone free hand massage

It can sometimes be intimidating to enter Jo Malone because of its elegant and bespoke ambience. But hey, the Jo Malone stylists are really friendly, and you should really enter and explore the boutique the next time you’re at Takashimaya, Tangs Orchard or Marina Bay Sands.

Whether you decide to make a purchase that day or not, feel free to ask the Jo Malone stylist for a complimentary hand massage. At the massage, they will pamper your hands with a body cream of your choice, topped with one or more colognes to show off the versatility of their fragrances. Jo Malone’s colognes are designed for layering, so you can pick and choose the combination that you like and have the stylist wear them on you. We promise you will walk out of the boutique smelling like a million buck.

3. Skin analysis at SK-II

magic ring

All SK-II counters are equipped with a state-of-the-art skin analysis device called Magic Ring, that measures your skin’s quality based on five dimensions: radiance, spot control, wrinkle resilience, texture and firmness. Through the device, you can also compare your skin’s quality against the average standard among women your age. Your skin’s age is also generated so you know where you stand and how hard you have to work in the skincare department. The beauty advisor will then recommend products based on your skin’s concerns after that.

Besides SK-II, there are also a few other beauty counters and boutiques that offer skin consultation services – you get to pick and choose!

4. Mini facial at Origins

origins mini facial 2

origins mini facial

The next time you walk by an Origins counter, ask for a mini facial. This is a complimentary service that the eco-friendly brand extend to all guests, even if you didn’t buy anything. According to your skin’s needs, the beauty advisor will pick products that are suitable for you. Enjoy a scrub, mask, followed by a complete skincare regime, complemented with a facial massage.

5. Fragrance consultation at Escentials

escentials boutique

Escentials at Paragon is known for its cosy ambience and wide selection of boutique fragrances. Did you know that the beauty advisors at Escentials are also ready to sit down with you at the sofa for a complimentary fragrance consultation service? At the session, they’ll ask you some questions about your preferences, let you sample some fragrances and through this process, you’ll learn more about fragrances in general, and also what type of scent you like. Ask the advisors for some samples, which they will provide you with if they’re available, but of course, if you like the fragrance that has been picked for you, make a purchase already!