Say goodbye to bad hair days and frizz! Goldwell’s New Kerasilk Keratin Treatment is the first of it’s kind to be customisable to each and everyone’s hair type to provide the best outcome. This revolutionary treatment imparts hair with the lush smoothness and softness of silk. Smooth and luscious hair? Who doesn’t want that!


How Does The Goldwell’s Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Work?

Unlike other keratin hair treatments, the Kerasilk Keratin Hair Treatment consists of Kerashape technology that consists of glyxolic acid and smoothing ingredients. Instead of creating a smooth layer on the surface of the hair, it repairs the bond within the hair to make it smoother.

Depending on how frizzy your hair is, the hair specialist will mix a concoction of the hair treatment. There are two branches to the treatment- smoothening and shaping. The mixture of these two treatment products is the key to creating the perfect treatment suited to your hair needs.


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The key to maintaining your newly treated hair is the after care. There are a few products you need to get for you to ensure that you maintain and prolong your smooth, luscious hair, such as the Daily Intense Mask, Shampoo and Oil.

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Benefits of Goldwell’s Kerasilk Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin treatment is available in many salons. However, this list is what sets Goldwell’s Keratin treatment apart-

1. Customisable Treatment

Keratin treatments offered by other salons only have a universal one. What may work for one person, may not work for another. As mentioned earlier, Goldwell’s Keratin Treatment is customisable for everyone’s hair needs.

2. It is formaldehyde- free

Formaldehyde is a harmful substance found in most hair treatments that apparently causes cancer. So girls, make sure your hairstylists are using formaldehyde-free products!

3. You can dye your hair straight after the treatment

Usually, customers who go for the keratin treatment will be told to come back in a few months to get their hair coloured or highlighted. Honestly, who can wait that long? We all want smooth, and pretty coloured (or retouched) hair, pronto. Goldwell’s Kerasilk Keratin treatment allows you to do that!

Because it repairs the hair from within, it doesn’t affect the surface of the hair, which allows it to be coloured or dyed.

Other points to note

The treatment will take about two hours, give or take, depending on the length of your hair and how frizzy your hair is. For our permed haired gals out there, guess what? The treatment is safe for you too! It will not damage your hair, and take away your curls. It just tames the frizz if it gets too much for you to handle.

You can head over to these salons to get your Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin Hair Treatment:

Vintage Studio
Contact: 6465 9278
Westgate #03-25
3 Gateway Drive

DA Hairdressing
Contact: 6733 3038
Far East Plaza #03-58
14 Scotts Road

Contact: 6295 3323
Blk 637 Veerasamy Road #02-115
Rowell Court

Contact: 6455 5109
Blk 449 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10

IKON Hair & Beauty Salon
Contact: 6339 9712
The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street

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