You know Watsons as the go-to drugstore for beauty products and other beauty and wellness necessities. Now, the beauty and health retailer introduces an all-new haircare line from Japan, Hair Pro by Watsons, which it co-developed with Moltobene, a Japanese salon product manufacturer.


Designed for hair that’s subjected to heat – those who use hairdryer, curling and straightening irons take note – the products are formulated with a Heat Active Technology that are infused with NanoRepair™-EL (made up of El-lactone and plant sterol). When activated with heat, the NanoRepair™-EL penetrates deep into each hair strand to provide damage-care from within.

This means that, instead of damaging your hair, the heat from these devices work with Hair Pro products to deliver goodness to your hair. Reacting and combining with the amines decomposed from protein, NanoRepair™-EL stays in the hair core after binding, so hair remains glossy and elastic even after repeated hair washes and blowouts.

Besides this, Hair Pro products are also enhanced with a non-silicone formula to promote effective absorption of oxygen for the scalp. Silicone-based hair products have been known for causing problems like hair loss and itchy scalps.

The Hair Pro by Watsons series features four key Heat Active products – Heat Active Shampoo (SGD15.90, 520ml), Heat Active Conditioner (SGD15.90, 520ml), Heat Active Serum (SGD17.90, 100ml) and Heat Active Mask (SGD17.90, 200g). They are available at all Watsons stores.