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Think hawker food and char kway teow, laksa, roti prata come to mind. And besides their affordable prices and how delicious they are, they’re also greasy food that can cause us to gain weight.

Is the only way to make sure we won’t be putting on extra pounds to eat only salads without dressing? Not really.

hawker food

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Are there any healthy hawker food options?

The simple answer: yes. Here are five you can choose from:

  • Yong Tau Foo: But because this is highly-customisable, it’s only as healthy as what you choose. Opt for more fresh items (such as vegetables, mushrooms, egg) instead of processed and fried items, and have it with bee hoon, if you absolutely want starch. Ask for it to be boiled and served with soup (but don’t drink up the soup).
  • Economic Rice: Similarly, this is high-customisable. Avoid fried items and gravy-heavy items. Choose dishes like steamed fish, stir-fried meat (without batter), and steamed tofu. Opt for brown rice if it’s available. Resist dousing the rice with gravy.
  • Sliced Fish Soup: To make it healthier, request that the hawker not put any MSG in the broth. If it cannot be avoided, don’t drink up the soup.
  • Wonton Soup without noodles: This is low in carbohydrate and calories, and also offers a good amount of protein.
  • Popiah: Opt for “no chilli”, and for no lard.

What’s your favourite hawker food?

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