Benefit Precisely My Brows Manufacturing Featured

We hardly think about how our beauty products are made, but it doesn’t make us any less fascinated to see them actually being made!

Benefit Cosmetics shared with us a rare behind-the-scene glimpse into how Precisely, My Brow, their bestselling eyebrow pencil is made.

The video shows the technical process of shade selection, lead making, quality assurance, and how each of them are packaged. And here are a few interesting things we learnt about the process that we never knew about before!

1. The colour of the lead looked kind of weird at first

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brows Manufacturing 1

Can you believe this was how the lead looked like at first? It has a weird mustard shade that looks nothing like the bestselling brow pencil we know.

But don’t worry, that’s only because the ingredients haven’t been blended together and processed yet. Once these steps are done, you’ll see something you’re more familiar with.

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brows Manufacturing 2

2. The lead goes through stress tests!

Once the huge roll of lead is cut into the actual sizes that will eventually go into each brow pencil, each lead goes through a durability test to make sure that it’s able to endure 25 times its weight without breaking! Now, who says we’re the only ones who go through high level of stress?

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brows Manufacturing 3

Knowing this step is part of the manufacturing process makes us feel less guilty the next time we drop the Benefit Precisely, My Brow on the floor. (Not that we’re encouraging that!)

3. Did you know that there’s a lot of hand-work involved?

Not everything goes through a machine. For instance, each lead is hand-filled.

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brows Manufacturing 4

The pencils are eventually hand-packed too!

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brows Manufacturing 6

Yep, that’s how much love goes into the products.

4. The products go through an X-ray

An X-ray? Oh yes, you didn’t read that wrongly. This step assures the quality of every product.

Benefit Cosmetics Precisely My Brows Manufacturing 5

Benefit Precisely, My Brow retails at SGD44. It is available in 12 shades and you can find it at all Benefits counters and Sephora.

Watch the fascinating video for yourself!

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