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When it comes to the look of youthfulness, the V-shaped face is certainly one feature that comes to mind. Aged skin sags and pulls down the appearance of facial contour, causing the loss of a well-defined jawline, which used to give you that desirable V-shape.


To attain the V-shaped face once again, many have resorted to going under the knife, or opting for injectables like botulinum toxin (more commonly referred to as “botox”). Is there no other way to get the desired facial contours back without any pain? Good news – there are painless methods to go about it!

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1. Massage when you apply skincare

Learn the techniques of facial massage and using just your hands or a tool (the YouTube video below shows the YouTuber using a spoon to help with her massage!), as well as facial oil or facial moisturiser, you can massage your way to a sharper facial contour. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to do it:

2. Exercise your face

Your face is made up of muscles, just like your limbs, working out those muscles will help to tone and firm the area. Face exercises, or sometimes called face yoga, is one thing you can do to achieve toner-looking facial contours.

3. Use the magic of makeup

Create the illusion of a sharper jawline with the help of makeup. All you need: highlighting powder, bronzing powder, and blusher.

4. Banish water retention

Water retention can be one of the reasons why our face looks more bloated than it really is. Water retention usually happens when we don’t drink sufficient water or have been indulging in too much sodium. If you have a big day coming up, remember to watch your diet to prevent water retention from happening. Hydrate yourself sufficiently and load up your diet with leafy greens, carrots, celeries, and peppers – the flavonoids in these foods can help alleviate water retention.

5. Leave it to the professionals

What if a better diet hasn’t worked, you can’t find time and discipline to do facial massages and exercises, and makeup isn’t your forte? The best and surest method we can think of: indulge in a face-sculpting facial treatment from a professional who knows exactly what to do. Try the Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment by Mary Chia, a natural V-shaping face treatment that allows you to see results within one session.

hinoki cypress face treatment by mary chia

In this pampering treatment, the therapist uses a specially-designed face-sculpting tool that is made of Cypress wood, which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and its ability to repel radiation. Optimised to be shaped like the contour of a therapist’s hands for deep tissue massage, this tool offers six times more pressure than a normal hand massage to enable products to penetrate more deeply into the skin. The treatment taps on the unique nanocapsules technology (so that the particles of the ingredients are small enough to be absorbed thoroughly by the skin) to deliver products made from 100% natural plant extracts. The result? More defined facial contours, and firmer, fresher-looking skin!

Win the Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment worth SGD235

Fill in this web form and we’ll pick one winner for the Hinoki Cypress Face Sculpting Treatment by Mary Chia worth SGD235. All non-winners will still walk away with a SGD120 grooming voucher. The contest ends on 9 Jun 2016.

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