It seems like blue is the favourite colour of beauty marketers these days. Recently launched and soon-to-launched are four products that Daily Vanity endorses and are all in one of our favourite colours – blue.

In The Blue New Launches

From left: Perricone MD Blue Plasma, Vichy Bi-White Med Night, Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum, Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple Action Cleanser

Perricone MD Blue Plasma (SGD177): We know how great traditional peel can be on our skin – it gets rid of dead skin cells and unclog the pores. But peels are not recommended for daily use because it can also be really harsh on the skin. Blue Plasma, the latest launch by cosmeceutical brand, Perricone MD, is non-acidic, and works just like a traditional peel. The difference is, this is gentle on the skin and helps get rid of only dead skin cells, and is designed for everyday use. You also don’t have to rinse the formula off, unlike traditional peels, and can simply use your usual skincare regime after that.

Review: This gives pretty instant and rather amazing results. Right after applying it onto the skin, you’ll instantly notice that your skin looks much clearer. I tend to get a prickly sensation on the skin with traditional peels, but this doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all and in fact, feels rather soothing on skin. I am definitely considering swapping this with my peels entirely.

Vichy Bi-White Med Night Cream (SGD69): The soon-to-launch product in the new Bi-White Med series, this night cream does two things: inhibit melanin production and exfoliate the surface of the skin to help remove dead skin cells, so new skin can be revealed. We may sometimes associate whitening products with “fairness” or “pigmentation”, but this product is designed for overall radiance. Besides dark spots and dull complexion, it is also formulated to target at problems such as sallow skin tone, irregular skin texture (which hinders your skin’s ability to “reflect” light), red patches and dry patches.

Review: This has a wonderful texture that melts into the skin. It also has a nice floral scent that makes it a pleasure to use. It also instantly perk skin up such that it looks more radiant and healthy. If there’s any gripe, I only wish it were more hydrating. I have dry skin so I need something that can really moisturise my skin thoroughly.

Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum (SGD99): This new super-serum from Biotherm is formulated with aquatic ingredients sourced from all over the world that are known for their innate strength. The Blue Therapy range is designed to target at a few skin concerns: firming, wrinkle control and brightening. The range consists of a Cosmetic Water, Serum and Milky Lotion.

Review: We’ve reviewed the Blue Therapy serum in an earlier article and also given out 7-day trial kits to 50 of our readers. Look out for more giveaways and tips by liking us on Facebook.

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple Action Cleanser (SGD50): Who doesn’t like multi-taskers? This one functions as three products in one: a cleanser, toner and makeup remover. Part of the new Perfectly Clean Collection that consists of four multi-action cleansers and a refining toner, this product, just like the others, also help to calm, comfort and clarify skin. The Perfectly Clean range will only be available from June 2013.

Review: It has a great texture that transforms from airy, foam cleanser to silky oil. I like the ease of using it and the clean feeling that it leaves on my skin. Makeup is removed effortlessly, yes, even waterproof mascara. Skin also feels hydrated and soft after cleansing, instead of dry and tight, which shows that it is able to cleanse off only the impurities and help your skin retain its essential moisture.