innisfree Orchid Line_Group

A new anti-ageing skincare line featuring extracts from Jeju Orchids will be launched by Korean beauty brand, Innisfree in January 2015. The flower is known for its innate vitality, evident from the way it thrives even in harsh conditions and blooms in the depth of winter.

This new line consists of five creams and you can look forward to lovely scents in the product, thanks to its key ingredient, Jeju Orchids.

In order to harness the benefits of this flower for the new skincare line, a special technique has to be used at the start of the cultivation process. The small seeds of the orchids are invisible to the naked eyes, and have to be placed in a sterilised flask under optimal indoor temperature and humidity for stable cultivaton. It takes six to eight months for the buds to first emerge, a year for the seed to fill the flask, then it is repotted and left to grow for another three to four years until its active ingredients can be extracted.

Each of the creams in the Orchid line is formulated for different skincare concerns.

Orchid Enriched Cream (50ml, SGD43): Formulated for normal and dry skin, this has a smooth texture and is designed to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and pores, and tighten the skin.

Orchid Gel Cream (50ml, SGD43): This treats early signs of ageing and brightens the complexion. Its refreshing, semi-shape memory gel is formulated for those with normal and oily skin.

Orchid Intense Cream (50ml, SGD48): If you have very dry skin and are looking at intensive ageing care, this moisturiser with creamy texture is for you. It also promises to improve skin’s resilience, tone, texture and moisture level.

Orchid Massage Cream (80ml, SGD31): Suitable for all skin types, this cream helps rejuvenate complexions by improving the blood circulation of the skin when you perform a facial massage with it. It has a balmy, non-oily texture to allow for easy absorption.

Orchid Eye Cream (30ml, SGD43): This cream helps to tighten up the appearance of eyes and to improve overall skin tone around the eye contours. It is suitable for all skin types.

Innisfree’s Orchid Line is available at all Innisfree stores from 1 January 2015.