The new year is upon us, and what better time to pamper ourselves with a total makeover than after an exhausting holiday season, and right before Chinese New Year?

We compiled all the best makeover deals you can get this January, ranging from the most intricate nail art to facials that bring you one step closer to achieving your desired healthy, dewy skin.

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For your nails

Channel your inner Yanxi vibes

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Avone

Still not over the period drama that got everyone hooked (yes, including you) in 2018? You don’t have to be, because Chinese New Year is the best excuse you have to sport a look worthy of Chinese royalty!

With Yanxi Palace Express Gelish Manicure offered by AVONE Beauty Secrets, you can now channel ancient Chinese beauty on your nails and relive the highlights of your favourite drama at just SGD128. What makes this deal even sweeter is that you can get a free $50 voucher if you’re one of the first 20 customers to redeem it here!

For your hair

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Spa Aerial Beauty Hail Nail

Is your hair suffering from all that travelling done in December, especially to dry and cold places? Or did you last do a full head dye months ago, so all the black roots are growing out and you look like you got a bad dip-dye job? It’s time to breathe new life into your hair with a new colour and new shine that all your relatives will be envious of, with an Organic Colour + Argan Oil Hair Treatment at Spa Aerial Beauty Hair Nail.

Wallet still suffering from all that impulse shopping during Christmas? Don’t worry, you can still get a hairdo that will turn heads at more than 55% discount when you redeem this deal here.

For your face

Tone your skin

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Absolute Skin

Tired of all your relatives pointing out the truth that the past year has taken its toll on you? We totally understand, so we recommend a Dynamic Pulsed Light Treatment at Absolute Skin for you. It is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation (no Botox!) that is safe, fast, and painless. Say goodbye to acne and epidermal melasma, and see an improvement in your skin tone with removed pigmentation and softened superficial wrinkles!

Sounds great? Get even more excited when you hear that you can get this deal at 60% off right here!

Get the dewy skin you’ve always wanted

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Beauty Recipejpg

BB creams give your face the kind of glow and flawless coverage we all wished we sported everyday, and now you can have it even without makeup! Beauty Recipe’s Watershine Covered BB 5-in-1 Treatment comprises of 9 steps that includes cleansing of skin, improving of blood circulation, whitening and hydration in just 2 hours. Now you can go for your reunion dinner without makeup on, and everyone would still think you had BB cream or foundation on!

P.S. did we also mention that this amazing facial treatment is going at more than 50% off? Book your ticket to better skin here.

See your skin glow

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Body Countour Premier

Leave dull and lacklustre skin behind in 2018, because this is the year you should finally get skin that really glows. White Brilliance Facial at Body Contour Premier promises to brighten uneven skin tone, and improve skin clarity for that bright and fresh start you deserve.

You’ve got no excuse not to sign up for this, because this promotion is being offered at a discount of almost 80% here! It’s now or never, so get booking!

Restore balance and moisture

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Celmonze The Signature

For those who want plumped and hydrated skin, look no further. Celmonze The Signature offers The Silk Facial Care to restore skin moisture level while increasing the skin’s natural balance level. For the busy bees, you’ll also be happy to know that Celmonze The Signature has branches in three heartland malls, so you can head down on the weekend or on your way home from work.

This deal is yours for less than SGD100 when you redeem it here, but you have to book at least 1 week in advance, so make sure you get to it before Chinese New Year rolls in!

Get the coveted “glass skin” made popular by the Koreans

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Chiryo

We are always looking to the Koreans for their beautiful skin, and trying to discover all their top skincare secrets so that we can achieve that level of perfection in our skin. Chiryo BB Miracle Facial is the shortcut we all need, where you can have brightened and lightened skin tone, reduced redness and hydrated skin all in one hour.

But here’s the most exciting part: this deal is going at a 96.5% discount when redeemed here! No, we’re definitely not joking! The treatment is originally worth SGD800, but now you only need to pay SGD28 – whew!

Detox and destress

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Face Plus By Yamano Singapore

Dull skin? Stress causing acne breakouts? If you can relate, this Essential facial offered at FACE PLUS BY YAMANO SINGAPORE will do just the trick by detoxifying your skin and providing a much-needed relaxation effect that we could all indulge in.

Sounds like the thing you need to face the gruelling year ahead? Redeem this deal right here.

Say goodbye to acne

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Glomax Aesthetics

We know how you feel when well-meaning relatives keep pointing out that your skin looks terrible and recommend all kinds of acne solutions the whole time. The best way to deal with it, of course, is to not give them the opportunity to do so by having clear skin. Easier said than done? Not anymore, if you try out an Intensive Acne Medic Treatment at Glomax Aesthetics.

For those suffering from mild to moderate inflammatory acne, this treatment will help to clear up pustules and active inflammation, and improve the appearance of facial scarring. It will also prevent acne breakouts in the long run with the complimentary GLO LED light therapy, so your skin still remains acne-free even during Valentine’s Day! Now go get this deal here at 40% off.

Tailor your facial to your needs

Best Beauty Deals Jan 2019 Theresa Body Skin Wellness

If you are a firm believer that facial treatments should be well-tailored for different needs, here’s your chance to get one at almost 84% off when you book a Customised Facial with 48 Options at Theresa Body Skin Wellness. You get to choose every single product used: cleanser, exfoliant, toner, energy therapy, face massage, serum, mask, and finishing skincare product!

Redeem this deal here at just SGD48 and take your pick from 5 different branch locations!

Can’t find a beauty service deal that you like? Search for more at our Salon Finder.

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