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The makeup gods have been kind to us. It’s only January and a gorgeous product has already dropped.

This product we’re going gaga about is the Jill Stuart Loose Blush from its 2018 Spring Collection. Inspired by things that fascinated us in our childhood, such as clouds in the sky, dandelion, and cotton candy, the entire collection features airy, fluffy, delicate items that are irresistible.

Jill Stuart’s blushers have always been beautiful but this newest one takes it to the next level.

Simply press the Puff Stick onto a mesh in the bottle to pick up the blush, and lightly dust it on your cheeks. Depending on the colour that you choose, it can also be used as a highlighter. Watch this video to see how it works:

Six colours are available in all, including a limited-edition colour. The colours include: 01 Cotton Candy (candy pink), 02 Fluffy Flower (coral beige), 03 Cherished Love (red), 04 Saturday brunch (pink coral), 05 Baby Butterfly (Cassis red), and 06 Fairy Dress (limited edition, baby pink). You can look at the full range here:

On top of its beautiful packaging and gorgeous colours, you’ll be happy to know that the formula is infused with essences such as rosemary extract, lavender oil, and avocado oil to offer moisturising benefits to skin. The product also has a subtle floral scent to sweeten the entire user experience.

Unfortunately, Jill Stuart is not available in Singapore. The closest counters to us are in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Jill Stuart Loose Blush is available at HKD260 (approximately SGD44.20) and NT1,100 (approximately SGD49.60) respectively.

The rest of the collection is a dream as well, so you should check it out if you have the chance!