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Always wanted to step out of your makeup comfort zone and wear a red lip, but you’re afraid of looking clownish?

A full-on red lip may be too bold or jarring especially if you are trying it for the first time. Many people can attest to that sense of shock the first time they see themselves wearing a red lipstick. Thankfully, with Kate Tokyo’s latest innovation, you may just be able to level up your lip colour game now!

The all-new Kate Tokyo Red Nude Rouge collection

Kate Tokyo Red Nude Rouge - Group

Something unique that we’ve never come across before, the new Kate Tokyo Red Nude Rouge is a balm-based cream lip duo palette that lets you adjust the amount of lip colour to layer for an endless array of looks.


With a total of eight shades, the lip palette feature a combination of a blue-based red and yellow-based nude shade that you can customise the final colour intensity simply by controlling the layers you wish to blend onto your lips.

What this also means is that you can control the undertone of the final shade that appears on your lips so that it matches your skin’s undertone.

Want a softer colour? Pile on the nude shade over the vivid red base and blend away. Reduce the amount of nude gradually over time to get yourself used to wearing a bolder red lip.

Kate Tokyo Red Nude Rouge Colour Intensity Chart

While the gradation technique is not new, it certainly is convenient now that it’s packed into a two-pan compact that suits any natural lip colour or skin tone. We also like the included tiny lip applicator that allows for broad or precise application.

If you ask us, we think that the Kate Tokyo Red Nude Rouge is not just perfect for beginners, but also lipstick enthusiasts who would like to achieve a unique lip colour but are apprehensive about slicking on one lipstick bullet on top of one another over hygiene concerns.

The science behind the Kate Tokyo Red Nude Rouge invention

Kate Tokyo Red Nude Rouge Application

To create a lip colour that boasts the vivid intensity of a lipstick and the moisturising factor of a lip balm, Kate Tokyo turned their focus on the lips instead of lip makeup.

Being something in between mucous membranes and skin, the lip has significantly lower moisture content and are more susceptible to dryness  because it does not have a sebaceous membrane like our skin. According to Kate Tokyo’s research, the lip actually dries five times faster than the skin on the cheeks!

The traditional lip balm has a moisturising texture that melts on the lips, but it is not something that we would reach out to use if we want to a vivid colour payoff. And although lipstick formulas – especially the matte type – have significantly improved over the years in terms of comfort, they can still be drying to some wearers due to high wax and pigment content.


The lip balm-based Red Nude Rouge is a new formula created out of the need to treat the delicate lip area carefully like our skin, and Kate Tokyo developed it by modifying parent company Kanebo Cosmetics’ conventional lip balm formula. Guess you now can have the cake and eat it too…

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While you’re at it, why not complete your look with these new Kate Tokyo offerings?

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Where to buy the new Kate Tokyo makeup collection

Here’s the full price list for your reference:

  • Kate Tokyo Red Nude Rouge: S$25
  • Kate Tokyo Manga Genic Liner: S$21
  • Kate Tokyo Shade Black Liner: S$13
  • Kate Tokyo Crushed Diamond Eyes Eyeshadow Palette: S$20

All Kate Tokyo products can be found at all Don Don Donki stores, Welcia, and selected Watsons outlets, as well as Kate Tokyo’s official e-store on Lazada and Shopee.