Our hair is our crowning glory and finding the right hair dresser is almost as important as finding our S.O. But it doesn’t end when the one finally appears. Just like relationships, there are good and bad parts to them. And sometimes, sadly, the bad ones override the good and we know deep down that saying goodbye is the best thing to do.

Here are six warning signs you want to look out for:

1. They stop listening to what you want.

It really doesn’t matter whether you brought along a photo or not, because they are going to do whatever they think looks nice on you. Unless you want their opinions, it’s your hair and you should have the haircut you want.

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2. They never give you what you want

You want ethereal silver tresses but you get some dirty blonde shade instead, after 103932435 hours of sitting and shelling out an exorbitant amount for it. Or a trim becomes an actual haircut – the horror! Clearly, there is a communication breakdown or perhaps, their skills are outdated. Either way, if you two can’t work it out, then it’s time to go your separate ways.

3. They are no longer the same

They used to be patient and meticulous but lately, they just don’t seem to give you the same amount of attention. Their work becomes rushed, they skip the scalp massages you love so much, the blow-drying no longer makes you feel like a superstar, the service is brusque… Maybe you should jump ship and find someone who gives you the TLC you deserve.

4. They are not their own walking advertisement

If they have hay for hair and their roots are screaming for a touch-up, then you might want to do some rethinking. Sure, they can have all the skills in the world, but it’s also their duty to look presentable and professional.

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5. They don’t make time for you

No matter how early you call to make a date, they always seem to be too busy for you. If even scheduling a trim proves to be challenging, it’s a clear indication that you need to look for someone who will be more invested.

6. Sometimes… You just want a whole new look

It’s not them, it’s you. Every hair dresser brings something different to his/ her work and sometimes, you just want a change. Do remember to do your research first before making the switch!