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Fans of Kosé Sekkisei will agree that we don’t need more reason to buy their products, formulated with oriental herbal ingredients to give you beautiful translucent skin.

However, the Japanese brand has now given both Doraemon fans and beauty lovers one more reason to stock up on their products with the release of the cutest skincare collection featuring our favourite blue robotic cat – a perfect match with the brand’s signature blue bottles!

Kose Sekkisui X Doraemon 50th Limited Design Collection

This collection features Kosé Sekkisei’s best-selling products, and we know you’re excited to find out what’s in the collection, so read on to find out!

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Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon White Washing Cream

Kosé Sekkisui White Washing Cream

In J-beauty, it is believed that cleansing is the most important step to achieving clear and bright skin, and we’re sure that the cheeky Doraemon packaging will get you to wash your face more regularly even if you’re feeling lazy or tired!.

This creamy face wash is formulated to clear old skin cells containing melanin and dirt from your pores, so you can look forward to enviable mochi skin in no time.

Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon White Washing Cream retails at JPY460 (around SGD5.80).

Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Medicated Lotion [Quasi-Drug]

Kosé Sekkisui Medicated Lotion Quasi Drug

For the uninitiated, J-beauty has a type of skincare products labelled as ‘quasi-drugs’, which contain a certain concentration of particular ingredients that are approved by the Japanese health authorities as suitable for preventing and improving symptoms.

One such example is Kosé Sekkisei’s Medicated Lotion, which is a toner containing oriental herbs like coix seed extract, loquat leaf extract, dioscorea panthaica extract, and mugwort extract, as well as an active anti-inflammatory ingredient – glycyrrhizic acid derivative.

Apply this right after cleansing, and you’ll feel it taking moisture deep into the skin to melt away roughness and produce silky smooth skin, even after a sun tan or snow tan.

Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Medicated Lotion [Quasi-Drug] retails at JPY920 (around SGD11.60).

Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Whitening Emulsion [Quasi-Drug]

Kosé Sekkisui Whitening Emulsion Quasi Drug

Doraemon is well-known for storing unexpected gadgets to improve Nobita’s life, and while we can’t have Doraemon give us a solution to bright and supple skin, this whitening emulsion with an adorable Doraemon on it is the closest we can get.

This whitening emulsion maintains the skin’s ability to retain moisture with a formula easily absorbed by the skin so that it doesn’t feel sticky. It not only makes sure your skin stays hydrated, but also inhibits melanin production and prevents freckles, dark spots, and rough skin from long UV exposure.

Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Whitening Emulsion [Quasi-Drug] retails at JPY980 (around SGD12.30).

Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Limited Edition Travel Set

Kosé Sekkisui Doraemon Limited Edition Travel Set

Although we don’t have Doraemon’s Take-copter or the ‘Anywhere’ Door, we can still travel the world (or at least feel like it!) with the limited-edition travel set from the Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon collection!

The travel set consists of skincare essentials (makeup remover, cleanser, toner, and lotion) in small and convenient volumes in a practical (but still very cute!) Doraemon pouch that makes travelling so much easier.

Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon Limited Edition Travel Set retails at JPY1200 (around SGD15.10).

Unfortunately, this collection will only retail in Japan’s 7-11 stores – if you are not heading to Japan anytime soon, you may have to either ask a friend to help you out or try your luck on Airfrov.

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【困った時は必ず助けてくれる?】 . ↑ときたら、ドラえもん? . ドラえもん仕様の限定版が発売中と知ってから都内のセブンイレブンを探せど見つからず? . 今日埼玉へ行く用事があったのでイトーヨーカドーにもあるとのこと、行ってみたらありました? . 可愛い!❤️?❤️ 白と青がまさにドラえもんカラー? . 単独商品は 洗顔クリーム 薬用化粧水 美白乳液 . お得な旅行セットには オイルインクレンジングジェル ホワイト洗顔クリーム 薬用化粧水 美白乳液が入って専用巾着ツキ . これは買ってしまいますね~? 化粧品はワクワクしながら使いたいもの♪ こういう仕掛けにいつもハマる私(笑 . 肌問題も年々増しますが 楽しみながら、諦めず 和漢植物のちからで 雪のような透明感あふれる肌を 目指そう❄️? . . #kose #雪肌精 #ドラえもん #限定販売コスメ #美容好きさんと繋がりたい #コスメ好き #あらふぃふ #美魔女 #透明感 #プチプラ

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For more details on the Kosé Sekkisei x Doraemon collection, you may visit the official website.

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