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Les Merveilleuses Ladurée has always been known for its products with beautiful packaging. They did not disappoint with their 2019 summer collection – Plantes et Oiseaux (Plants and Birds) – which is inspired by the rich diversity and rippling colours found in nature.

We’re obsessing over the Mixed Cheek Color, which is inspired by tropical plants and birds. And there’s a story behind it: fashionable aristocratic women in the late 18th century adored tropical plants and birds, which were then only affordable to them. This blush reminds us of the opulence and beauty of these beautiful creatures found in nature.

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But the Mixed Cheek color is more than just an eye candy. This blusher contains moisturising powder that helps give a soft, non-drying consistency, and stay-true colours. The highly elastic fitting powder particles also apply snugly onto skin, offering coverage for pores and help skin look more even.

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There are three variants in all:

  • Amoureux: apricot, passion orange, cherry red, and fushsia pink
  • Audacieux: tropical yellow, deep plum, botanical green, magenta
  • Majesteux: sky blue, Tahiti pink, lavender, empire rose

The blushers come with a sweet and tangy topical fragrance that is reminiscent of pineapples. There’s also a hint of apple to give a touch of refreshing sweetness, and musk to add a sense of sophistication.

Here’s an extra tip: these aren’t just great as blushers, you can consider using them as an eyeshadow too!

The Mixed Cheek Color from Les Merveilleuses Ladurée’s Plants and Birds collection retails at SGD70 and is available at the Les Merveilleuses Ladurée boutique at #B1-37A Takashimaya S.C. It is launched along with other items such as the Color Eyeliner (SGD35), and Topical Sun Protection Set (SGD66)

Laduree Tropical Body Collection

Tropical Body Collection

A Tropical Body Collection will also be launched in mid-June, and it consists of the Tropical Body Sorbet (SGD35), Tropical Shower Gel (SGD28), and Tropical Body Powder (SGD48).

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