Do you know the skin around your eyes is more delicate than the rest of your face?

Many people tend to neglect the eye area, yet the skin around your eyes is the first place to show visible signs of ageing. Others may be using the wrong formula such as facial moisturizers, which may actually be too greasy to the eye area. Our eyes are subject of daily strain and stress with long hours of working front of the computer, staying in air-conditioned environments and pollution. Using a good eye cream to pamper and rejuvenate the skin around our eyes is of paramount importance. After all, our eyes should express our personality and emotions, not our age.

Laneige Perfect Renew Firming Eye Cream

Another eye cream to consider in 2014 – Laneige’s new Perfect Renew Firming Eye Cream that promises to restore elasticity and deeply hydrate the eye area for younger-looking skin around the eyes, and thus a younger-looking you.

Laneige Perfect Renew Firming Eye Cream is formulated with the following key ingredients:

1. Laneige Skin Charger Complex intensively revitalizes worn-out mitochondria (the cell’s natural energy powerhouse) in cells and reconstructs damaged skin skeletal protein, which promotes fuller and more supple-looking skin. It is also a multi-pronged, anti-ageing solution to tackle signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, dryness, dullness and lack of skin elasticity, restoring a natural buoyancy to skin’s collagen.

2. Laneige Ceramide Repair Water, a skin-friendly water which combines moisture and ceramide to fortify the skin’s moisture barrier, provides advanced moisture care to deeply nourish the skin from within. The repair water fills in between the cells to draw a deeper penetration of active anti-ageing ingredients, optimising nutrient absorption – the key to eliminating skin dryness and dullness.

Laneige Perfect Renew Firming Eye Cream (SGD63/20ml) is available at all Laneige boutiques and counters from January 2014.

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