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Most of us may think that acne is only a skin problem that teenagers during puberty will suffer from. However, acne is actually a common skin problem in the tropical climates as our weather is hot and humid. Besides climate, other factors such as environmental, psychological, hormonal imbalance, lack of hygiene and health can also be the bane of adults, especially women. For adults, it is usually harder to treat acne problems as cell renewal and skin-healing ability slow down with age.

Laneige Trouble Relief Line

Laneige latest addition – the Trouble Relief Line – positions itself as a remedy for adult acne. Laneige Trouble Relief Line contains Hinoki Cypress Polysaccharide extract – an excellent natural antibiotic properties that reduces the growth of acne-causing bacteria by suppressing the formation of biofilm (a mixture of microorganisms, bacteria, and metabolites that are attached to the surface of the skin) on the skin where bacteria thrives. It also helps to combat acne inflammation by effectively soothing irritated skin and maintain the skin’s moisture level for clearer, smoother and healthier skin.

Laneige Trouble Relief Line comprises of four products for a complete acne-zapping regime:

Step 1: Trouble Relief Cleansing Tissue (SGD35/40 sheets)

How to use: Take a sheet from the box with your dry hands. Rub the sheet with a bit of water to make enough bubbles and gently wipe your face. Rinse with lukewarm water several times and finish with cold water.

Step 2: Trouble Relief Toner (SGD45/200ml)

How to use: After washing your face in the morning and at night, dry off moisture from your face and soak a clean cotton pad with 1ml (2.5cm in diameter) of Laneige Trouble Relief Toner. Gently apply it from the inner face to the outer edge with a wiping motion.

Step 3: Trouble Relief Cream (SGD48/50ml)

How to use: After applying toner, apply 0.4ml (1.2cm in diameter) of Laneige Trouble Relief Cream. Gently smooth the cream from the center to the outer edge of your face.

Step 4: Trouble Relief Spot Gel (SGD38/20ml)

How to use: After applying cream, squeeze Laneige Trouble Relief Spot Gel on a clean finger or a cotton swab, and then apply it on inflamed acne by tapping lightly. If you have any make up on, apply only a small amount of gel.

The Laneige Trouble Relief Line will launch in January 2014.