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The human body betrays us in many ways.

Our body language gives a hint of our state of mind. The tone we use to converse with another reveals our mood. Our thumbprint divulges our one, unique identity. As if these are not enough, it is said that even our lip prints are unique and does not change in our entire lifetime – just like our thumbprints!

Forensic scientists actually employ the use of Cheiloscopy, which is an investigation technique that deals with the identification of humans based on lip traces, in their investigations. Cheiloscopy has even spurned the study of lipsology, which is a practice of analysing the characteristics of a person’s lips to determine their personality, emotions, and energy.

While we cannot give you any Cheiloscopy pointers on how to evade the law (you might require a degree for this), perhaps these lipsology tips could help you get to know yourself a little bit better.

To start the analysis, apply lipstick on your lips and leave a print on a piece of paper. Then, check out the following:

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Triangular Lip: The Nurturer


Caring and supportive, you recognise others’ skills and abilities and seek to help them unleash their uncovered potential. You would succeed in roles that are nurturing; be it an educator, counsellor, human resource professional, or a manager in any industry.

Rectangle Lip: The Problem Solver


Calm, intelligent and a good listener, you are the first person your friends and family turn to for any kind of help. Your special ability to help others solve their problems makes you a key contributor in any community.

Closed Lip: The CEO


Determined and bordering on being stubborn, you make calculated decisions that you hardly change your mind on afterwards. Anyone who tries to do so will often suffer your wrath. However, this determination has its upside: you are often depended upon to complete difficult tasks that no one believes is possible, which makes you a valuable personnel especially in a start-up.

Open Corners Lip: The Child


Naturally inquisitive but easily bored, you like hopping from one activity to another. Once your curiosity is satisfied, you hop to the next thing that catches your eye. You become frustrated if unoccupied, and are best suited for roles that require constant problem solving.

Voluminous Lower Lip: The Creative


You are extremely expressive- either in speech, performing arts, writing, or sharing of ideas, and most likely bound for a creative role.

Thin Lower Lip: The Analyser

full upper

Very analytical and usually good with numbers and statistics, you find the excitement in areas others usually shun. With a good mind of concentration, you would excel in a myriad of roles that require your talent.

Ghost Lip: The Exhausted


A faint print usually signifies exhaustion- only you would know which area is tiring you out! This fatigue may or may not pass quickly, but the best you could do is to take a break from what’s stressing you out, and plan better in the future.

Opaque Lip: The Charged


The opposite of the ghost lip, an opaque print means that you’re fully charged and ready to conquer whatever’s in your way!

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