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Just like how at some point of our life we hope to add a luxury designer’s bag to our wardrobe, the goal of a beauty enthusiast would be to have a luxury cream in her vanity collection. Like the designer’s bag, luxury creams may be a notch more expensive than regular moisturisers, but they offer a starkly different experience.

Even without looking at their price tags, you’ll be able to tell that they’re luxury creams from their velvety texture, quick absorption, and incredible scent that doesn’t overpower. Most importantly, they are also created with precious ingredients that are usually quite rare, and promise you the elixir of youth.

If you’re ready to sashay into the world of luxury face creams, we have recommendations right here for you.

1. Kenzoki Belle De Jour Sacred Lotus Face Cream

Kenzoki Belle De Jour Sacred Lotus Face Cream

The Sacred Lotus is a rare flower that is known to be able to resist even the harshest environments. This flower is used as the central ingredient of the Kenzoki Belle De Jour Face Cream, and promises to improve complexion by preserving skin from stresses, replenishing its vitality, and improving its glow.

This moisturiser is formulated to deliver result from the first application: fine lines and deeper wrinkles look filled in instantly. Over time, you’ll notice the contours of your face look more sculpted, and skin feels bouncier, supple, and hydrated.

You’ll also love the beautifully soft texture of the cream that melts immediately into skin, as well as its subtle and pleasant scent. We recommend this as an entry-level luxury cream that you can get your hands.

The Kenzoki Belle De Jour Sacred Lotus Face Cream retails at SGD143 and is available at Sephora.

2. Tatcha The Silk Cream

Tatcha The Silk Cream

The online beauty community is familiar with Tatcha, a brand that is inspired by the beauty ritual of geishas. And if you’re thinking of trying one of its products now that it’s finally in Singapore, consider The Silk Cream. This moisturiser may be rich, but melts into a lightweight texture upon application.

The product is designed to improve the natural ability of skin to produce collagen and enrich cells so they can regenerate.

To use it, scoop a pearl-size amount of cream with the gold spoon provided, and then massage gently on face, neck, and decolletage in upward strokes. Then, fall in love with the luxurious texture and how your skin feels after application.

Tatcha The Silk Cream retails at SGD165 and is available at Sephora.

3. Guerlain Super Aqua Night Balm

Guerlain Super Aqua Night Balm

This hydration powerhouse is designed to be used at night, cooperating with your skin’s instinct to repair while you sleep, to support natural circulation.

Enriched with Aquacomplex, an exclusive ingredient that rejuvenates skin, you’ll find your skin appearing more rested, smoother, and more supple when you wake up. Best part? It offers 24-hour hydration, which means it continues to work on your skin even after you’re awake.

Guerlain Super Aqua Night Balm retails at SGD212 and is available at all Guerlain counters and Sephora.

4. Chanel Le Lift Cream

Chanel Le Lift Cremes Range

Coco Chanel is famous for saying this: “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life sculpts your face at thirty. But it’s up to you to earn the face you have at fifty.”

The Chanel Le Lift Cream is all about allowing women to take control of how they look and not leaving it up to fate. Backed by strong research, the new generation of Chanel Le Lift creams have up to 94% natural-origin formula, and at the heart of the formula is the alfalfa, a plant native to France.

This ingredient is able to stimulate cellular proliferation to strengthen the epidermis, while stimulating cell renewal and increase synthesis of collagen at the dermis level. The results? Firmer, more elastic skin that looks refined and luminous.

Chanel Le Lift creams come in three textures: Le Lift Creme Fine has an airy appearance and fresh sensation, Le Lift Creme feels soft and comfortable, and Le Lift Creme Riche envelops skin in a balm texture.

Chanel has also developed application techniques to enhance the efficacy of these creams. You can consult the Chanel beauty advisor when you’re at the boutique about them.

The Chanel Le Lift creams will be available from 24 August at Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutiques in ION Orchard, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, VivoCity, and Raffles City, and from 31 August at all Chanel counters. They retail at SGD226 each.

5. La Mer Creme de la Mer

La Mer Creme De La Mer

We can’t talk about luxury face creams without mentioning La Mer Creme de la Mer. This is one of the most iconic face creams that many people swear by. At the heart of its formula is the Miracle Broth, a blend of ingredients that are taken from the sea, and is said to be what made this product such a coveted item.

Creme de la Mer has a rich texture (you can go for the soft cream if you prefer something lighter) and promises to improve firmness, the look of lines, wrinkles, and pores. It is well-loved by those who suffer from very dry skin because of how it is able to soothe it immediately and improve its hydration level over time.

Take note that you should warm up the product between your fingers until it turns translucent first, before gently pressing it onto skin.

La Mer Creme de la Mer retails at SGD500 and is available at all La Mer counters.

6. Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Extrema Creme

Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Extrema Creme

In case you haven’t heard, Giorgio Armani Beauty has finally opened its first counter in Singapore, at the Beauty Hall of Tangs at Tang Plaza. And while you may have heard about its famous liquid lipsticks and foundations, don’t forget to walk over to the skincare section to try out the Crema Nera Extrema Creme. This hydrating luxury face cream has a soft texture that delivers immediate freshness and comfort to skin upon application.

Formulated for intense hydration for 24 hours and to regenerate skin, this face cream has a unique texture that goes from balm to oil, melting into skin seamlessly, leaving behind a smooth and soft finish. You’ll find that your skin feels supple and looks radiant throughout the day, even when it gets hot and humid.

The Giorgio Armani Crema Nera Extrema Creme retails at SGD590 and is available at the Giorgio Armani Beauty counter at Tangs at Tang Plaza.

7. La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream

This luxury cream from La Prairie isn’t new to the brand. It has been loved by users for more than 30 years but continues to evolve so that it can deliver even better skincare benefits. The newest generation of the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream is enhanced with Caviar Premier, a new form of caviar, to further energise skin, achieving even better lifting and firming effects. You can look forward to skin that’s more taut and supple after faithful usage.

The Skin Caviar Luxe Cream is also known for offering sensorial indulgence to its user. From the elegant glass jar that houses the cream to the signature fragrance that you’ll never forget, this cream turns your skincare routine into a pampering ritual that you’ll look forward to every day.

This luxury product is available in two textures: the Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Sheer. They are both available at La Prairie counters located at Metro Paragon, Takashimaya, Tangs Orchard, Robinsons The Heeren, and Robinsons Raffles City. Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Luxe Cream Sheer retail at SGD740 for 50ml and SGD1,325 for 100ml.