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Your hair is a mess and you finally found time one day after work to visit a salon because you miraculously finished your assignments on time. You excitedly go to the salon, only to be asked to come another day because they’re completely full for the day.

Hands up those of you who have experienced this.

And then there are those of us who hate looking up the number of salons or spas, only to make a call during peak hour and nobody could pick up your call for you to make a reservation.

Enter Tab A Salon, a portal that provides a list of salons and spas with details including the services provided, prices, stylists’ credentials and when they are available. By checking the time slots available, you can select the time that you’re free too, and make an appointment immediately at a click of the mouse. The system sends an automated confirmation SMS or email.

This portal also has a live chat service where its customer support team helps you to confirm the appointment with the vendor you’re interested in, should you not be able to see any slots available.

At the time of publishing, Tab A Salon is working with more than 100 salons and 200 stylists. The salons and spas that are on board include Kim Robinson, Shunji Matsuo, Toni & Guy, Komachi, Kelture, Action  Salon, esBoudoir, Act Point, Highbrow and Cleo.

From now to 1 Dec 2013, when you sign up with Tab A Salon, you stand a chance to win $17,000 worth of beauty treatments from the likes of Kim Robinson, Kelture, Cleo, HighBrow, esBoudoir and  Act Point.
10 winners will be chosen every week.

Click here to sign up or find out more!


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