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From our past articles like Transform To Your Favourite Celebrity Using Just Makeup! Here are 7 Celebrity “Lookalikes” That Made Our Jaw Drop!,it’s pretty obvious that makeup can do wonders. It can help enhance one’s natural beauty, and can entirely alter a person’s look drastically.

When you see someone who regularly puts on makeup every day, we’re sure you start to wonder how she looks like without makeup. Some would probably look kind of the same – just with an uneven skin tone or some blemishes. And then there are others who look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. We’re not even talking about those people who purposefully transform themselves to a celebrity for example.

Majority of these videos below are of Asian women, simply because their makeup allows their eyes to look so much bigger. So if you’re thinking of how to make your eyes appear larger, perhaps these videos could give you some ideas. So, here are six videos we have for you that will leave you in awe at how makeup could make such a huge difference!

1. Korean Viral Video


This was the video that started it all. It shows a girl who removes half her makeup to reveal how she REALLY looks like.

2. Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie actually used this video as a way to empower young women to just do what makes them happy – like wearing makeup! If you want to see how she looks after makeup, scroll to 5.37!

3. Taiwanese TV Show

It sure takes a whole lot of guts to appear on camera WITHOUT makeup! Scroll to 3.18 to start watching her transformation.

4. A Compilation!

These are just amazing.

5. Paulo Ballesteros- Makeup Artist


His videos have been going around on Facebook. He does an amazing job at literally transforming himself into anything he wants to. It’s not much of a “from zero to hero” type of makeup transformation, but it’s definitely worth a watch to see him use makeup to achieve such amazing looks!

6. Ala Ugly Betty

If only that happened every single morning… We probably wouldn’t be late for work.. OR, we could get so much more sleeping time. Now, if only…