As though One Direction hasn’t done enough to achieve world domination, they’ve apparently decided to venture into, wait for it…. Makeup.


Yup, the young lads from the UK will have their own makeup line very soon. The makeup line will consist of nail polishes, eyeshadows, lipstick and lip glosses. Although it is rather odd to see a group of males coming up with makeup products for ladies (or teenagers), it is apparently something that male celebrities are venturing into. Even if they’re not creating it, they’re endorsing it.

Other Male Celebrities Creating/Endorsing Beauty Products

Male Endorsed Makeup_Nicole-by-OPI Justin-Bieber_display


Justin Bieber, yes, Justin Bieber, had a nail polish collection under Nicole by OPI. The collection was inspired by the Biebs in his signature colours and songs. Prior to his nail polish collection, he also has a perfume line, Someday. You’ve guessed it – it’s targeted towards women (teens) as well.

And of course, how can you forget all the Korean pretty boys! They look almost flawless ALL THE TIME, with skin even smoother than some of us. For example, we have popular boy group GOT7 endorsing THEFAFESHOP, and NU’EST W endorsing LABIOTTE.

Got7 Face Shop


Nuest W Labiotte


Although this next one is not a pop star, he is definitely a celebrity in the fashion world.



Marc Jacobs, the designer and brains behind Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs (Bags and clothing), recently came up with Marc Jacobs Beauty. With slick packaging and good quality beauty products, it has received good reviews from the beauty community. Marc definitely brought in the style element into the design of Marc Jacobs Beauty that is in line with his designs and style on the runway.

Male Endorsed Makeup_Marc-Jacobs-Beauty-full-collection-info


Lastly, if you were as shocked as we were about One Direction and their upcoming makeup line, we bet you’re going to FREAK OUT for this one. Did you know the late Elvis Presley had his own line of lipstick?

Male Endorsed Makeup_elvislipstick


What We Think

Putting a male celebrity name to makeup can go both ways. In Korea, and any parts of the world where girls (and guys) are crazy about Korean actors and musicians, them endorsing beauty products are actually a pretty smart move, if you ask us, considering the fact that some products like BB creams can be used by both males and females. You get the attention of the females, and the males. The females want to buy the product because they love that it’s being endorsed by their favourite dreamy K-Drama actor. And the males, on the other hand, hope to look like the actors after getting themselves some BB cream.

Other than it being a good strategy for business and for publicity, Korea is also very open to males wearing makeup.

But Justin Bieber’s nail polish probably only appeals to his fans. I mean, imagine a girl telling her friends, “I’m wearing this nail polish from the Justin Bieber collection from Nicole by OPI” Perhaps die hard fans will be like:

Male Endorsed Makeup_omg excited

But other people (like us) would more likely be like:

Male Endorsed Makeup_Not_sure_what_to_say

Nobody cares about a Justin Bieber nail polish unless she’s a Justin Bieber fan.

Unlike Marc Jacobs’ case, he’s already established himself as a fashion icon. So him creating the Marc Jacobs Beauty line is tapping on his professional expertise, rather than (just) the star factor, because fashion and makeup does go hand in hand.

So with One Direction, we’d still think it’s a bad idea- especially if the makeup line comes out a little tacky and unwearable. But hey, we think their fans would still buy their products.



Do the swatches look appealing to you? Anyway, I don’t think they’re going to stop at this. But perhaps they could consider a skincare of haircare line next.

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