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As you trudge on with the exhausting year, remember to give yourself timely, well-deserved breaks as and when you need them! Damaging signs of exhaustion and ageing can be really obvious, especially if left untended to for long.

This March, it’s time to fix all those signs you have been ignoring for the past few months, be it frequent acne outbreaks, persistent shoulder pain, or frazzled hair. Don’t worry about it hurting your wallet either, because we have compiled some of the best deals that you can’t get anywhere else:

For your face

Hydrate your thirsty skin

Salon Finder March Fil

Being stuck in an air-conditioned office all day can suck moisture from your skin and cause it to be dehydrated, especially if you have been skimping on your skincare routine. But that’s okay – FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence’s award-winning Therma-Cold Hydrating Facial (with Complimentary Neck Treatment) is here to save your skin.

The soothing facial treatment enhances deep hydration, stimulates collagen, and calms the skin. Don’t be surprised by the minimized pores, glowing skin, and firmer neck that you see after the treatment!

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Say goodbye to your acne

Salon Finder March Tudor Meroskin

Acne can really kill your confidence, so instead of always piling concealer on your spots, why not go for a facial that eradicates the problem?

MEROSKIN’s Acne Purifying Balance Facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, mild extraction, and masking – essential steps for clearing up your current complexion and preventing future breakouts. And at just SGD88 (USP SGD180) here, we say this is definitely a small price to pay for long-lasting clear skin.

Get glowing like the Koreans

Salon Finder March Mirage Aesthetic

No need to admire the Koreans’ beautiful, dewy skin anymore, because now you can have it too.

Mirage Aesthetic offers the Korean BB Glow Facial, which uses the latest technology in laser face rejuvenation to treat a wide variety of skin problems – think red spots, acne, open pores, uneven skin tones and wrinkles.

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For your body

Rub away your stresses

Gwg Aas A6 Images

Frustrated at work and need an outlet to release your stress? FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence has just the thing for you: an Aromatic JAMU Full-Body Massage.

All you have to do is relax, and let the trained professionals knead away all your aches and tensions so that you will leave feeling rejuvenated. Plus, this indulgent massage will cost you only 65% of the original price, so there’s absolutely nothing to stress about except booking ASAP!