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Now you can chill out and achieve your desired body contours. All thanks to PRO-FREEZE, a new, revolutionary treatment offered by Marie France Bodyline.

Always the leader of the pack, Marie France Bodyline’s newest innovation is PRO-FREEZE, which effectively remove unwanted fat cells with a fat-freezing technology.

With target cooling, the treatment safely chills and kills fat cells, without harming the surrounding tissues. This high-tech innovation means you can achieve results comparable to invasive treatments like surgery and liposuction, but much safer and painless. Also, it is able to specifically target at areas you’d like to see slimming effects on, which helps to better contour your overall silhouette.

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How Does Pro-Freeze Work?

Fat cells are exposed to extreme cold temperature and are “frozen”. These “frozen” fat cells degenerate and eventually die and are flushed out from the body naturally through metabolism.

What can you expect at the session

Each PRO-FREEZE treatment takes about 45 to 60 minutes. While you’re sitting down and relaxing, the Marie France Bodyline therapist uses a probe against your targeted area. You’ll feel a strong suction followed by a cooling sensation at the start of the treatment. You will feel some tension at the beginning, but as the area is accustomed to the suction, the sensation disappears.

After this, you’ll feel a slight tingling sensation at the treated area, and a massage is administered on the frozen fats. A single session allows you to permanently remove up to 25% of the unwanted fat, thereby reducing the thickness of the fat layer significantly.

PRO-FREEZE is especially effective for treatment areas such as the tummy, waist (love handles), hips (saddle backs) and inner thighs.

Visible result in loss of fat can be seen just three weeks following the treatment, with more significant results shown between three to six months.




Special Introductory Offer: Enjoy first PRO-FREEZE Treatment at just SGS400 for 1st treatment + 1 FREE Post-Treatment. Call 1800-7777-111 or visit their website to sign up.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Note: Those with major serious illness (e.g. cancer, liver disease, heart disease and diabetes); are sensitive to extreme coldness; have done fat-removal treatments or treatments that causes fat cells to “die” within last two months (e.g. Cryolipolysis, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Liposuction, etc.); or are pregnant, are not suitable to undergo Pro-Freeze.

This special feature is brought to you by Marie France Bodyline.

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