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Since giving birth to Alyssa in March 2013, Hong Kong artiste, Angela Tong has gained more than 12kg, at 64kg with a waist of 42 inch.

Marie France New Spokesperson Angela Tong

Source: renzze.com

While most new mothers profess to lose weight through breastfeeding, it didn’t happen for her because she had problems breastfeeding. Angela said that three months of treatments and holistic nutritional advice from Marie France helped her lose 11kg and she on track to getting back her curvaceous self.

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Together with the announcement of a new celebrity spokesperson, Marie France has also launched a new and revolutionary treatment called Pro-Freeze. It promises to be a safe and effective method that does not require incisions or surgery to remove fat bulges. If you are interested to know more about this new treatment, stay tuned for more updates on Daily Vanity.

At the meantime, let’s enjoy the snapshots from the launch event which you can find here at Daily Vanity’s Facebook page!

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