You probably knew MediaCorp artiste Chen Li Ping lost a lot of weight and looked much slimmer after being signed as Mary Chia’s ambassador in 2013. In fact, she lost 12kg over a period of two months.

This was achieved after undergoing treatments under the slimming company’s 360 Degrees Complete Transformation Skin and Body programme. Li Ping has also changed her eating habits under the guidance of Mary Chia’s slimming experts.

chen li ping mary chia

But it looks like the actress has been gaining weight again – 6kg in all!

Don’t for a second think that Mary Chia has given up on their ambassador. This weight gain was done with the blessing of the slimming company, because it’s for her new role in a 2015 Chinese New Year drama.

Li Ping has been asked to gain 6kg for the role of Lin Xiao Zhen, a single mum who struggles to keep her restaurant business afloat while battling her own gambling addiction, in the upcoming drama, Good Luck (百岁大吉).

good luck chen liping

“Having to gain weight after I have worked hard with Mary Chia to lose it is quite a sacrifice!” says Li Ping.

“I had my qualms when I took on this job as I know I have to put on weight again to fit the image of this role. I have been enjoying my new-found slimmer physique and feeling so good and healthy after dropping 12 kg over a two-month period since being on Mary Chia’s 360 programme, and I really want to maintain it.

But I love my job at the same time, so I spoke to Mary Chia about it. Not only did they give me their blessings, they assured me that I do not need to worry as they would be able to help me lose weight healthily after filming wraps. I am so happy and assured that after filming ends, I can continue to undergo treatments and get back to where I am now, and even better.”

Li Ping also shares that she has reverted to the eating habits she had in her pre-Mary Chia day, but emphasising that it is only for now – in order to put on the required weight.

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