Happy Lunar New Year!

Less than a week after Kanebo recalled its whitening products after complaints of skin staining, Health Sciences Authority (HSA) announced that they’ve found two products to contain mercury, and has advised the public to stop using them if you have them.

Melati UV – Whitening Vit. E Cream and ESTHER Bleaching Cream (A) and (B) are the two products in question. HSA sampled the two products and detected in them the presence of mercury, which is prohibited substance in cosmetic products under the HSA regulations.

Immediate reactions towards mercury include rashes, skin irritation and blotchiness of the skin, but chronic exposure to it in high levels can affect the kidneys and nervous system because it can be absorbed through the skin.

Melati is a brand from Indonesia and can be found in small drugstores and online stores. According to reviews we have read, both leave a tingling sensation on the skin and some irritation. For ESTHER Bleaching Cream (A) and (B), users have also mentioned that their skin begin to peel after using it.

Both products did not list mercury as one of its ingredients. Users may find the products effective at first because mercury is a melanin inhibitor.